Dawn crept over me

As I was lying on my bed

Still and quiet like a stone on a shore

Thinking and thinking and thinking..

Have you ever considered that maybe I’m not just pretty?

Maybe I’m pretty violent too?

Maybe I do not wear lipstick as much

So you’d think of me as subtle and bare,

And fail to notice how I like to hunt my prey;

With a subtle approach and a bare-handed attack.

Maybe when I’m passionately kissing your neck with a light touch of my teeth,

It does not imply my love for you but

How I’m just waiting for an opportunity

To sink those teeth in, rip your throat out

And then tell you what love’s all about.

Maybe whenever your hand caresses

Its way up my tempting thigh,

and I push you a little,

It’s not because of my silly girly routine

But that’s where I keep my

Blades and knives handy for use.

Maybe when I’m listening to your mundane thoughts and spineless complaints,

I’m just planning my each successive move

to build you up, piece by piece,

And then break you apart in one go.

I’m not your pretty little girl,

Who wants her Prince Charming to come and take her along in his fairyland.

I’m not your delicate, fragile girl,

Who needs a man to open doors for her

Or a man to pick her up when she falls.

I’m not your submissive girl,

Who is too afraid to rebel, disobey and stand for herself.

I’m a blood scented brute who lives

To dominate and destroy.

Miss Karuna Arora.
18 yrs
Indirapuram, UP

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