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Dia Mirza, a renowned actress and the brand ambassador of Lotus Organics+, recently shared her skincare secrets, diet, and workout routine in an exclusive interview. Known for her radiant and glowing skin, Dia’s approach to beauty emphasizes simplicity and natural ingredients.

For her daily skincare regimen, Dia opts for a fuss-free routine that aligns with her busy schedule as a working mom. She emphasizes the importance of using natural and earth-friendly products, often creating soothing homemade face masks using readily available ingredients in her kitchen. Dia also stresses the significance of hydration and using makeup sparingly, highlighting her love for sustainable, green brands like Lotus Organics+.

In terms of her diet, Dia’s secret to glowing skin is staying well-hydrated by regularly drinking water. She recommends lemon detox water with added ingredients like mint, ginger, and cucumber. Dia has transitioned to a mostly plant-based diet, prioritizing seasonal vegetables, grains, and fruits sourced from local farms while avoiding pesticides and chemicals. She believes that nourishing the skin from within is essential for a healthy complexion.

Despite her busy schedule, Dia makes time for self-care and exercise. Her routine includes yoga, weight training, meditation, Vinyasa flow, cardio workouts, swimming, kickboxing, and cycling. Dia believes that yoga is not only about weight loss but also a holistic practice that benefits the mind, body, and spirit, promoting flexibility and overall well-being.

Dia Mirza’s commitment to natural skincare extends to her use of homemade masks, such as ‘ubtan’ with curd, banana pulp, olive oil, walnut shell, and aloe vera scrub, and simple remedies like rubbing an orange peel on the face. She emphasizes the significance of moisturizing with coconut or olive oil for instant radiance.

Dia’s nighttime skincare routine involves removing makeup, cleansing, and using eye cream and retinol night cream from her chosen brand. This routine leaves her skin looking fresh and rejuvenated in the morning.

Regarding supplements, Dia advises taking them only if recommended by a dietitian or health professional. A well-balanced diet rich in seasonal, locally sourced fruits and vegetables can efficiently nourish the skin and enhance overall health with essential nutrients like proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins.

In conclusion, Dia Mirza’s skincare, diet, and workout tips center around simplicity, natural ingredients, and self-care, promoting radiant and healthy skin.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The India Today

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