Aarya Season 3 Part 1 Review: Sushmita Sen Shines in Gripping Lady Don Drama

Aarya Season 3 review
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The third installment of “Aarya” offers a thrilling ride, anchored by Sushmita Sen’s exceptional performance. This web series has been a significant part of Sushmita Sen’s career, showcasing her versatility in a complex role.

In this latest season, Aarya, played by Sushmita Sen, has transitioned into a formidable lady don. The season kicks off with a recap set to the song “Bade Acche Lagte Hain,” a song that was dear to her late husband, Tej. As Aarya becomes embroiled in a life of crime, she faces her toughest adversary yet, Sooraj, portrayed by Indraneil Sengupta, who is determined to bring her down.

Season 3 takes viewers on a roller-coaster journey, not only through Aarya’s battle with mafia gangs but also through her internal struggle. While in previous seasons, Aarya had no interest in this criminal world, she is now its matriarch, justifying her actions as a means of protecting her family.

What makes this season stand out is the depiction of Aarya’s dual life. She strives to be a successful businesswoman on the one hand, while on the other, she grapples with the challenges of being a good mother amidst the violence and immorality surrounding her. Her children, particularly the elder son, confront their own demons, illustrating the psychological impact of their upbringing.

The antagonist, Sooraj, is a well-crafted character who showcases both ruthlessness and vulnerability. Indraneil Sengupta delivers a compelling performance, portraying the pain of a husband who has lost his wife. Ila Arun’s brief yet impactful role as Nalini Sahiba adds depth to the story and hints at a more significant role in Part 2.

Sushmita Sen’s portrayal of Aarya is spellbinding. She seamlessly transitions from a frightened mother to a fierce leader, commanding attention with her authority and vulnerability. The scenes between Sushmita and her elder son, played by Viren Vazirani, are particularly intense and well-written.

Vishal Khurana’s background score adds a vital dimension to the series, enhancing both its dramatic and action sequences. While the series excels in many aspects, some viewers may find the character of Sikander Kher, who gets minimal screen time, to be underdeveloped.

“Aarya Season 3 Part 1” is a binge-worthy show that keeps you hooked with its gripping storyline and Sushmita Sen’s powerhouse performance as the lady don. The inner battles and external challenges Aarya faces make for a compelling narrative, and the series is elevated by its well-drawn characters and a memorable antagonist.

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