The quote, “Discipline when properly practiced rewards you with a multifaceted approach”, goes true with Professor Dr. Ushy Mohandas.

A doctor, a passionate spiritual scientist teaching meditation, an exemplary natural leader, a stand-up comedienne, a voice artist, a columnist, and an ardent writer blogger, she has served many globally reputed media channels. Her inspirational quotes and articles leave an indelible impact on the public, making every earnest reader sit back and think.

The evangelical enthusiast spearheading DAC, Doctors against Corruption, was awarded with “Hope of the Nation” award and bestowed with “The Indian Doctor of the Year” award, for her exemplary service, research, and innovation in this profession.

Acclaimed for her energetic, honest unbiased keynote speeches, she is famous for her spontaneous wit and strong and simple delivery style. A much sought-after teacher and speaker across the globe, numerous people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of her mind and self-development workshops.

The book “When Dreams Have Wings,” featured her as a born leader. Always in the forefront, discussing social evils and unscrupulous practices, this Iron Lady effortlessly and competently manages 12 careers conjointly.

Let’s get to know more about the pillar behind The Mind Workshop, the soul of Dr. Ushy’s Wisdom Works, and The Regional Head of IHRO Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, the multifaceted Doctor of Words, Professor Dr. Ushy Mohandas.

1) At what age did you take to such an intense, deeper level of thinking? What took you to this stride? 

My journey has been filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations, and special moments that will ultimately lead me here. From childhood have always been a curious observer and learner and ask the why and how very often to gain more clarity on what I saw and felt. I will never define myself in terms of anyone else. I will never feel the pressure of peers or the burden of societal expectations. I can view everyone as pieces of a whole, and focus on the whole, not the pieces. I have learned to observe, far better than most people observe. I am not blinded by the past or motivated by the future. I focus on the present because that is where I am destined to live. 100 percent awareness has always been key to my growth and depth of thought. I accept life as it comes.

2) You consider Rumi and Gibran as a great impact on your journey as an influencer, who else would you, add to the list? 

Oh, I always learn from people I meet and interact with every day. It started with a very strong close-knit family and upbringing with values. As one goes on along the journey, one has to realize that human consciousness is not confined to the physical being alone. It started with the understanding that the whole is much bigger than the sum of the parts. I have also learned that the worth of my life will depend on how I have loved and laughed, cared and shared – and not on the length of my years or the balance in my account. Both these giants have led me to believe and realize that love is the act that tries to bring beauty into being. I do my best to add value either directly or indirectly to as many lives as possible.

 3) Any transformative experience that changed you to such a striking personality? 

Every experience good, bad, or ugly has surely transformed me through acceptance of it.

4) Being addressed as a spiritual scientist, how strongly does this term enhance you? 

It is often said that something which does not kill you will make you stronger. It all depends on how one defines the word “spirit” It can have different meanings to different people. In this sense, “spiritual” means looking back at the person you were and comparing it to the person you have become today. It also means looking deep into your soul and realizing that the person you are today would not exist if it were not for the things that have happened in the past or for the people that you have met. I have researched energy a lot and healed a lot of people through the same. Most of what I share has been researched intensely and I still do not have the answers. This journey of mining the soul and the spirit which is evidence-based is both spiritual and scientific. Please remember I am a doctor and always need the evidence!

5 ) What would be your advice and aspirations for the next generation? 

Mental fatigue and burnout are almost like an epidemic post the pandemic. Make the most of what you have, putting resources to unfamiliar use and imagining possibilities that others do not see. Keep learning! Learning means growing. He who always learns knows how to grow in maturity. When you pursue with tenacity, and strive through the adversities and the vicissitudes of life with a mind of fortitude and get to the end of the journey, you shall surely see life. Instead of slipping into denial to cope with hardship, you need to take a sober earth view of the reality of your situation. You will cope much better. When hard times strike resist the urge to view yourself as a victim and to cry “Why Me” Rather, devise constructs about your suffering to create meaning for yourself and others. You need to build bridges from your present ordeal to a fuller, better future.

6) Having an interest in Pediatrics, neuropsychology, music, public speaking, RJ, standup comedian, leadership coach, and an intense motivational speaker, (multi-faceted roles) which role would you relate yourself to the most? 

In the end, the wealth, comfort, and joy we had in life would matter less as compared to how we used the wealth, comfort, and joy for distinctive footprints. I have strived to make a difference and create footprints so every opportunity has mattered. I do not compare one with the other and have given each role I play my 100 percent. Day by day we live life! Day by day we live and leave something behind; something good or something bad! Something mediocre or something noble! Make sure you leave a legacy behind.

7) Your thoughts on empowering women and gender biases? 

Business ventures are currently facing all sorts of risks that seem to be endangering their very existence. And in the business world, women leaders are still a minority. This statement comes as no surprise to most of us; what is surprising is that men outpace women in leadership roles across every sector in the world: corporate, nonprofit, government, education, medicine, military, and religion. At Fortune 500 companies, however, women hold only 19 percent of board seats and 15 percent of executive officer positions, and the number of female CEOs at these companies is a paltry four percent. Four percent of 500 companies equal 20 female CEOs, with male CEOs running the remaining 480 companies. I will choose to discuss some unseen barriers in this context. At any given point in a woman’s career, she is likely to experience one or more of these barriers. Sometimes the barrier is overt, and other times the barrier will be concealed behind another agenda.

Changing Institutional Mindsets

Institutional mindsets are the most significant barrier and are a major reason that we do not see more women at the top levels of leadership. People make assumptions about women at work and as leaders based on their stereotypical roles in society. Often, women are limited in their advancement or, worse, never even given an opportunity because of bias. Even more worrisome, much of the bias that people have toward women is unconscious. Research has found that it is not the conscious or explicit bias that primarily causes barriers and misunderstandings and limits potential. Rather, it is the unconscious or hidden biases that are problematic. One solution is for women to proactively and consistently communicate their desires to advance, travel, or take a new assignment. This type of communication will help put to rest any assumptions made about them.

Changing Individual Mindsets

One example of individual mindsets or limitations is office housework: getting the coffee, taking the notes, picking up the donuts, planning the holiday party, and all the other behind-the-scenes work that helps a company run smoothly. Women frequently volunteer for office housework, which is time-consuming and often goes unrecognized. On the other hand, men tend to volunteer for more visible activities. One solution is for women not to volunteer for these types of activities every time. While they are supportive and helpful, let other employees contribute, including men.

Accommodating Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices and work-life balance priorities are more valued now than in previous generations. The most recent data show that millennial men value work-life balance as much as women have for the past several decades. However, many companies still adhere to rigid work hours, structure, and policies. One solution is to seek employers that value (and promote) work-life balance and offer flexible options. If no options are available, request that your company create new programs or policies. Companies are now more responsive to employee and corporate pressures, and chances are that your colleagues want the same things, too. Only after these barriers are removed will women advance in large numbers to senior leadership positions. It’s the only way to achieve more diverse, inclusive, and balanced leadership across global organizations. When women become leaders, they bring skills, different perspectives, and structural and cultural differences which ultimately drive effective solutions to the companies occupied by men. With different perspectives and a sense of awareness, women can investigate finer details to see what is going on underneath.

8) Why Wisdom Works and how do you visualize Wisdom Works five years from now?

We have many people with degrees not know how to apply their education. Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. It is slow and surely works once acquired. It is a long arduous journey and well worth it at the end. It is being here now that is important. There is no past and there is no future so it is very difficult for me to visualize Wisdom Works five years from now. However, I am of the firm belief that tomorrow belongs to those who put in effort and preparation today. Let’s not ruin the present by worrying about our future!

On behalf of the Shesight team, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for her time and effort. We wish her the very best on both personal as well as professional fronts.

Deepa Vinod
Associate Editor

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Fly High Women: Feminism, Innovation, and Inspiration in Action And how you too can fly high! Buy One, Gift One