There is only one relationship in our lives which effortlessly sails past all other known relationships on this Earth. It’s none other than that with the mother, which is truly invaluable in terms of her immeasurable love, commitment, and devotion towards her family. I consider myself one of the most fortunate individuals on earth, because I was lucky enough to enjoy a mother’s love and still do to this day. My mother (Mercy Thomas, Retired Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture, Kerala) is the single most important person in my life. My mother and I have always shared a very unique bond together which is inexplicable, but when she is around I feel safe and happy. Now, I would like to share something priceless take away from my mother’s life. 

Sawing seeds of Values

My mother is very hardworking and dedicated. Coming from a humble background, she had to work her way up, through perseverance and hard work. Apart from that, she had to strike a balance between working and raising a family. She was an early bird who wakes up at 5.00 am, prepare breakfast for us, do the household chores and take care of our studies. In the midst of all these strenuous activities, she didn’t compromise an iota on her work. Right from the moment she started her career as an agricultural officer till the day she retired as the Deputy Director, she has given her blood, sweat and tears for the farmer community and the society. Right from conducting state level programs involving chief minister to taking farmers for all India tours, she is the epitome of sincerity and commitment. No wonder, she received the prestigious state award for the best extension personnel in 2013 from the Honourable Agricultural minister of Kerala. I am still moving ahead on the strong grounding of values and principles laid by her.

Accepting my true self

She is the only person who sees my flaws but does not think any less of me. During my school days, she used to spend sleepless nights preparing me for exams. My inability to sit still and focus on the work at hand made her job tougher. But she always walked the extra mile when it was about me.  Next day evening, she will be waiting with bathed breaths to know how well I performed in the exams. I could see the joy in her eyes when I feel good about my performance. But when things doesn’t go as expected, she always stood with me. I still remember an incident in which I came jumping in joy after writing an exam which I claimed was very easy. But the joy was short living. When she asked about the contents on the other side of the question paper, I was shell shocked. I forgot to notice the 30 marks questions which was there on the second page of the question paper which I didn’t notice. I still remember the words she uttered in my ears “My boy, its ok to make a mistake. But it’s a big crime to yourself in you repeat the same mistake again. Be careful next time”. 

Shoulder to fall back 

I always take refuge in my mother when things go haywire. Without my mom, my life would be simply chaotic. I remember the days I spend in the Chemotherapy wards of Lakeshore Hospital where the atmosphere was filled with sorrow, despair and imminent death. It was only because of my mother’s love, affection and prayers that I survived through those testing times. I consider myself really fortunate to experience the love of my mother to the fullest even though I was undergoing a very painstaking treatment procedure. Seldom do we remember the times when we were cared by our moms as a baby and seldom do we get opportunity to spend lots of time with her. Both of this happened to me during the six months when my mother helped me take bath, brush my teeth, wear cloths, eat food, she did almost everything just like I was a new born. I am still grateful to god for giving me such priceless moments which are alien to most of the people in the world. To know the extent of your mother’s love in your adulthood just like a helpless and dependent baby, smiling at her without reason, crying out for her attention and enjoying each drop of love tripping from her heart is nothing short of pure bliss. 

Time to give back

I am always on the lookout for the perfect gift to my mother and she is quite easy to please. She feels happy with a phone call or a hug, or when I express how much she mean to me. Every day, I make sure I take some time off from my daily routine and make her feel special. I want to take care of her the way she always took care of me and even better. My mother has always cooked the tastiest and healthiest meals for me – to ensure I enjoyed breakfast, or loved the surprise in my tiffin box, or when I were stressed over exams. Now, I try to turn the tables, and always bring something that satisfies her jaded palette. From planning surprise parties to breakfast-in-bed, my mother never leave a chance to make me feel valued.  It is my time to make her feel special by planning a full-fledged day to pamper them – this could include taking her for a ride, dinner at her favourite restaurant and a day off from household chores.

A mother’s love can never be articulated with words, it can only be felt and it is the most beautiful thing on earth. If God’s love is at the zenith, then a mother’s love to her child is marginally below it, if not next to it.

Dr. Manu Melwin Joy
Assistant Professor – School of Management Studies
Cusat, Kochi, Kerala – 682022
Phone: 9744551114
Email – [email protected]

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