1. Christmas Wreath

Materials used: Thick Cardboard, Yarn/wool, Plastic Grass string, glue gun, assorted Christmas accessories like tree hangings, pinecones, stars, leaves, berries, flowers, glitters, etc.


– Draw two concentric circles on the cardboard, according to the required width.

– Cut out the cardboard along the lines, to get a ring shape.

– Use dark green wool or yarn to cover the cardboard ring. Leave enough string at the end to make a loop for hanging up the wreath.

– Wrap the plastic grass string around the ring, leaving no space in between.

– Decorate with assorted Christmas accessories as needed. Use a glue gun to stick the accessories on the wreath.

– Hang it up on a nail or a sticker hook.

Tip: Use only lightweight hangings, and only as much as the cardboard can hold.

2. Christmas banner

Materials used: Thick chart paper or cardboard, Washi tape (decorative cello tape), twine, glue gun, poster colors


– Draw triangle shapes on the cardboard (separate or joint)

– Cut out the shape along the lines.

– Attach the twine at the back for hanging up the banner

– Decorate the edges of the triangles using Washi tape, preferably in red, green, and white theme

– Hand paint alphabets inside the triangles to make the Christmas greeting

3. Snowflakes

Materials used: Glue gun, Silver glitter powder, parchment paper, twine


– On parchment paper, use a glue gun to draw out a snowflake design.

– While still warm, sprinkle the silver glitter on it (optional)

– Attach twine and hang it up around the house in different sizes and patterns

4. Olaf the Snowman

Materials used: Thermocol balls (three sizes), toothpick, Carrot, Ball pen, twigs, sticker crystals, satin ribbon/washi tape, glue gun, black felt cloth


– Arrange the thermocol balls, big one on top, smaller one at the bottom, and smallest one in the middle, connecting them with concealed toothpicks. Make it slightly tilted to one side to resemble “Olaf”, the beloved character from the movie Frozen.

– Cut out the bottom of the bigger ball, to make it a flat surface for the snowman to stand. Attach a double-sided tape to stick it to the table/stand.

– Decorate the 2 smaller balls with sticker crystals to look like shirt buttons

– Arrange the twigs on both sides of the bottom ball to look like hands

– Cut out the lower end of the carrot and attach using a toothpick to the smaller ball to form the nose.

– Cut out the eyes and brows from black felt cloth and stick to the face using a glue gun.

– Draw and wide-smiled mouth of Olaf using a black pen

– Make a shawl around his neck using a satin ribbon or Washi tape.

5. Tinsel Stars

Materials used: Thick metal wire, Christmas Tinsel garlands, Plier cutter, Thick cello tape, Glue gun


– On the metal wire, mark 10 points at equal distances (for the sides of the star).

– You can decide the length of each side according to the size of the star you need.

– Using the plier, bend the wire at these points, alternating the direction of bending (if you bend the wire to the left, then at the next point bend it to the right) so that a zig-zag shape begins to form.

– Once all points are bent, bring them together to form a star shape.

– The last side will overlap with the first side, stick them together with a sellotape

– Stick one end of the tinsel to the metal frame using a glue gun, and start wrapping it around the frame.

– Once you have tightly covered the frame, cut off the excess tinsel and stick the ends with a glue gun.

– Your tinsel star is ready!

– Decorate it by hanging Christmas baubles /ornaments in the center.

– You could also wrap fairy lights around the star or hang up Christmas bulbs with an electric wire.

6. Paper Swirls

Materials used: Textured, decorative chart paper, Foam sheet, Twine, Scissors


– Cut out a large circle on the textured paper. (Choose a color to match the Christmas theme)

– From one end, start cutting the paper in a spiral going towards the middle of the circle.

– Ensure the width of the spiral is uniform throughout.

– Once you reach the center, your swirl is ready to hang up. Decorate as needed.

– Cut out heart/star shapes in the foam sheet in various sizes. Cut 2 pieces each of a size

– Peel off the sticker and stick the twine in between 2 hearts of the same size.

– Stick all the shapes in increasing size order and hang them in between the coils of the spiral.

– Hang up swirls on your ceiling for a Christmassy effect

Deepa Perumal, IT Operations Head, PEAKS Academy

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