Engineers; Our dream makers in Past, Present & Future

Image Credit: Civil+Structural Engineer Magazine

“Scientists study the world as it is, engineers, create the world that never has been”- Theodore Van Karman. The unifying objective of all engineers worldwide is to create a sustainable planet. Engineers have made both major and minor contributions everywhere around us.

Everyone’s life can be touched by engineers, regardless of their position, or status. However, they should adapt to technological advances to address the new age challenges. Engineers need to be analytical yet creative and enquiring yet capable to deal with a world that is always changing. A creative person can dream something, but an engineer can create something and thus mankind was guided by creative engineers. We can see engineering imaginations in Indian epics, Puranas and Vedas. The Mahabharata depicts the Mayans’ superior architecture in a lovely way, and King Ravana’s “Pushpakavimanam” is another illustration. But later, we know, these imaginations were given life by great engineers.

Engineers’ greatest contribution to humanity is without a doubt the invention of the wheel, and from that point forward, their innovations have been unstoppable. Whether it was in space, on land, or in the sea, engineers discovered various answers to difficult issues. Civil engineers have made significant contributions to the world, including the Burg Khalifa, Hoover Dam, and Chenab Bridge.

The survival of our society depends on them. Electrical engineers have made contributions to the globe through the usage of driverless electric automobiles, solar electricity, sustainable power generation, and distribution. Environmental engineers have discovered a variety of environmentally friendly solutions to problems in agriculture, environmental sustainability, and pollution reduction. They assisted the farmers in embracing new inventions and technologies to make their labor simpler. Apart from the mentioned areas, there are several fields like biomedical engineering, food processing, automotive, avionics, manufacturing, software engineering, etc. where we are witnessing the magic of engineers. The majority of students find the engineering field to be appealing and in constant demand.

However, engineering colleges are now offering specializations in Nanotechnology, Robotic Engineering, Solar Engineering, and other fields in addition to the usual specializations. The importance of engineers will not diminish in today’s environment when data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other related professions will govern the future.

Engineers will continue to play an important part in society as long as people are dreaming of inventing new things every day.

Happy Engineers’ week to all the Engineers in and around the world.

She writer Manju Malathy is an Assistant Professor having 12 years of experience in higher education, a Passionate trainer, a Provisional Zone Trainer at Junior Chamber International India Zone 20, and a social activist.

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