Five Romantic Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch this Valentine’s Day

Korean Dramas have always been popular to portray love in the most heartfelt and swoon-worthy way. They are light, fluffy and like a bowl of comfort food, but at the same time, well-directed, well-acted and with spectacular storylines. So even if you are an old Korean Drama fan or have never watched one in your life ever before, it is never too late to start and they are never boring to rewatch.

So here are five of the most romantic Korean Dramas that would totally be easily binge-watched this Valentine’s day.

1.       The First Shop of Coffee Prince / Coffee Prince

Personally, this is the best romantic Korean Drama ever. This classic came out in 2009 and till now, no other Korean Drama is able to surpass this one in terms of emotions and feelings. This story is about a tomboy Eun-Chan, who has to pretend to be a guy just to keep her job at a local coffee shop. And her relationship with the coffee shop owner and friend Choi Han Kyul. It is impossible to express the beauty of this drama through words. If you are a new Korean Drama fan and has never watched this drama before, then this is a must-watch.

2.       Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This light and fluffy drama tell the story of weight lifting champion Kim Bok Joo and her aspirations, also how the friendship with her childhood friend Jung Joon Hyung transforms into love. It is nourished with friendship and family love. It is a lovely treat for anyone and a great drama to start your Korean Drama journey with.

3.       Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama is a mix of romance and mystery and some fantasy. This tells the story of Do Bong Soon who despite having a petit size is exceptionally strong. She gets hired by the CEO of a game company Ahn Min Hyuk and their romance blossoms. This drama is extremely funny and at the same time, the mystery element will keep you glued to the edge of your seat.

4.       Decendantance of the Sun

If you are a regular Korean Drama fan you may have already seen this drama. It is one of the most popular Korean Dramas of all time and one of the most expensively produced Korean Dramas. This is the story of a Soldier Yoo Shi Jin and a doctor Kang Mo Yeon as they navigate through the difficulties of a disaster-stricken zone and manage their emotions. If you have not seen this drama yet, what were you doing, seriously? This is also a great drama to start your Korean Drama journey with.

5.       Rain or Shine / Just Between Lovers

This is for an audience who can handle a bit of realism and pain. This heart wrenching and beautiful drama tells the story of Lee Kang Do and Han Moon Su who are united by a common thread of pain and find comfort in each other. This is a hidden gem and will have you bawling your eyes out by the end of it. This drama needs a whole lot more attention and is such a precious story. 

-Poorna Krishnan

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