Forget Shareka, who grew up in a rural area of Zimbabwe was raised by her late grandmother. She attended a school there and later joined a secondary school under the sponsorship of Camfed.

She studied Agriculture Science in Costa Rica and went for her Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School. In 2017, with her one-year professional work experience, she helped 5 farmers successfully establish business enterprises through capacity building in business administration, agro-processing, financial literacy, and marketing. 

For the past 5 years, Forget has been taking a lead in innovative initiatives and implementation of practical solutions in sustainable agribusiness, community development, small enterprises, and climate innovation field.

She is the Founder of LiHFA & Co-founder and Product Developer of Chashi Foods. She is also a vibrant Agric engineer and award-winning Entrepreneur and Environmentalist. She has been the voice for Rural Community Development, COY16 & COP26 Delegate, Youth in agribusiness, and girls on international platforms.

Forget is actively involved in community projects which emphasize sustainable development, poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. 

Currently, she is working on National Determined Contributions consultancy under the banner of inclusion and sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

 Forget Shareka is also the ‘Ellie Maxwell Award, 2021’ winner.

Shyma Mansur

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