Manju Jain – from a housewife to a Youtuber to an entrepreneur


“….for it’s never too late.” Food Nation was founded by Manju Jain when she was 52 years old. Once a household name, Food Nation is now the talk of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Manju Jain always had a love for cooking. Making new dishes and serving them to her family gave her immense pleasure. Life would have been the same, had it not been for her daughter who realized her passion for cooking and advised
her to start a YouTube channel. Manju ji got excited by this offer and started working on her daughter’s proposal.
In 2020, Manju ji started her YouTube channel by the name of ‘Food Nation’. Her easy-to-follow recipes and humble voice captured the viewer’s attention. She has posted 250+ videos and has 5K+ subscribers.

On a fine day, her daughter-in-law suggested she start her own business. Overjoyed by the people’s response to her YouTube channel, Manju ji pondered on the suggestion and gathered the courage to start her venture.17 January 2021 marks the birth of FOOD NATION by Manju Jain. She received full support from her family. She started off by selling homemade food items to nearby houses. The
people would love the food items. The USP of her business lies in the purity of the products. She pays great attention to hygiene and the quality of the items, the food items are free from preservatives and synthetic colors. Her husband brings the choicest masalas, dry fruits, oils, and other raw materials for the preparation. The oil once used in the preparation of ‘namkeen’ is not used again. Because of the expensive ingredients and her hygienic policies, the profit margin is moderate but that doesn’t stop her from delivering quality products. Gradually, the orders rolled in through word of mouth and now she receives orders from almost the entire Bikaner.

The food items include 12 types of pickles ( aam ka achaar, hing ka achaar ,meetha nimbu achaar and many more), namkeen, mathri, besan Laddu, chiwda, and many more. The lip-smacking snacks are adored by the locals because of their supreme quality and rich taste. Her son manages the orders and finance while her husband brings her the raw materials. In a short span of just 1 year her business has reached great heights. This business has raised employment for workers. She has several delivery boys and women workers for helping her in the process.
Manju Jain is a prayojika of Pracol, Prayaana Labs. She takes part in various exhibitions to promote her business and generate new customers. Manju Jain is among the few who have the heart to follow
her passion. In the near future, she looks forward to opening outlets for the expansion of her business, thereby creating more job opportunities. Manju Jain was a housewife but through her determination
and ardent love for cooking, she transformed into an entrepreneur. She believes that every woman has talent, she just needs the push in the right direction and she can do wonders.

Manya Agarwal

Pracol Team

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