From Scholar to Storyteller: Dr. Nidhi’s Journey of Versatility

Dr. Nidhi's Journey
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In the heart of educational endeavors and family bonds, the captivating journey of Dr. Nidhi MB, Professor at MBCET is a delightful blend of education, family, and a passion for writing. With a PhD from NIT Calicut, an M.Tech in Industrial Engineering from CET, and a B.Tech in Mechanical Production from SCTCE, she stands as the first PhD holder in her family. But her academic achievements are just one part of her story.

Growing up in a family of avid readers, Dr. Nidhi developed a love for literature early on. Even during her school days, teachers appreciated her writing skills. The belief that books can be the best of friends was ingrained in her from childhood by her parents, G B Nair and M S Maya. Dr. Nidhi, our enterprising author, has writing in her genes. Her great-grandfather on the paternal side had already penned a book, passing on the storytelling vibes. In her M.Tech days, she earned the Best Paper Award for her initial research paper.

In today’s bustling world, where time is precious and attention spans are short, the patience for reading has diminished. Dr. Nidhi observed these trends not only in her life but also among her students. The rise of social media shortreels added another layer to the challenge of fostering a love for reading. Amidst these observations, the COVID era presented an opportunity for Dr. Nidhi to channel her creativity. Collaborating with her daughter, they ventured into the world of creativity, giving birth to their first book, “Musings.”

Nidhi’s second book, “365 Productivity Sutras,” took a unique approach. A corporate gift piece designed to offer a daily productivity boost, it was brought together by three generations of teachers in mechanical engineering. Dr. Nidhi, a student of Dr. Anil, and Dr. Anil, a student of Prof KGN, joined forces to pay tribute to each other’s students and teachers. It became a symbol of the strong educational bond shared across generations.

The third book ventured into the realm of Technology Management for B.Tech students, showcasing Dr. Nidhi’s versatility in writing across different genres. While her journey in writing was fulfilling creatively, the transition to selling books had its share of challenges. It was only after getting listed on Amazon that more copies were sold, marking a turning point in the book’s journey. It marked a crucial point in her journey, proving that navigating the publishing landscape requires resilience and strategic thinking.

Through it all, family remains a cornerstone for Dr. Nidhi. Her husband, Asish Nair, stands as a strong pillar of support, and her daughter, Jovita, contributes to their creative collaborations. Her accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s been featured in Fox Story, Google Scholar, Web of Science, ISTE, and IIIE newsletters.

Nidhi has remained a source of inspiration for her parents, with her mother being a heart patient since her 11th standard. As the only daughter, she has shouldered responsibilities, supporting her parents even more than a son would. Choosing to prioritize family over career prospects abroad, she decided to pursue career opportunities within Kerala and expand her global presence through Pracol and other networking sources.

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Being a part of Pracol as one of their prayojikas, a platform designed for women supporting women has been a wonderful experience for Dr. Nidhi. Pracol offers opportunities for networking and promotion, highlighting her proactive approach to navigating the intricate realms of literature and entrepreneurship.

As we unravel the chapters of Dr. Nidhi’s life, we see a woman who wears multiple hats with grace – a dedicated academician, a loving wife and mother, and a storyteller who crafts words to connect with readers. Her journey is an inspiration, proving that even in a fast-paced world, where digital disruptions are the norm, there’s still a place for the written word and the joy of a good story. As her books find homes in the hands of readers, Dr. Nidhi’s influence extends beyond her personal journey, leaving an enduring mark on education and literature.

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