February is here, and so is our latest dose of girl power!

Our February issue is packed with stories that’ll hit you in the feels and amp up your Lady Might!

First off, we’re diving into Donna’s World of Sports and Beyond, – victories, challenges, and serious girl power. It’s like a movie you can’t stop watching- epic and totally relatable. 

Ever felt played in a relationship? Our “10 Signs You Are Being Played” is your relationship GPS – real talk about love, heartbreak, and knowing when to drop the mic.

Meet our legal superheroes in “The Legal Letter.” They’re fighting for body positivity and your rights. It’s like having a squad of legal Wonder Women by your side, making sure you feel respected and secure in your own skin.

Boss lady in the making? Check out “Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs” – your roadmap to kick those challenges to the curb.

Real estate, usually a boys’ club, is getting a glow-up. Read “Leading the Way” – it’s a high-five to all the boss ladies out there. Spoiler alert: Women are crushing it in this game too!

Workplace bullying is a harsh reality, but we’re not shying away from it. Let’s talk about it, find ways to deal with it, and create workspaces that are safe, and respectful.

Here’s toasting to strength, confronting challenges, and giving a big shout-out to incredible women making a splash!

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Editor, SheSight

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