Calamities of various forms we might have envisaged-world war, an earth quake, floods or droughts. Alert and watchful as we are, we got prepared to face such calamities in every possible ways that we could! Scientifically advanced, and with all the tools and techniques to maneuver through ,whatever hell, comes before us, we strutted the globe as heroes. There wasn’t an inkling of doubt that, out there is something waiting out there-to pounce on us in the form of a pandemic. A virus which has brought the whole world into a standstill – corona virus (covid -19). Owing to globalization and ease to travel (earlier the epidemics remained somewhat regionalised) the disease is easily spread than the epidemics that occurred in the past. As hygiene, of a highest order, and social distancing are the only means to stop the spread of this pathogen the entire world has gone to a lock down. Economic wise too, as per the current scenario, for the whole world, the future appears to be totally unpredictable and bleak. On March 24th India too announced a complete lock down of 21 days as a measure to control this epidemic. Team Prayaana extends our gratitude, respect and love to all the health workers and law- enforcement people, who are relentlessly working for the benefit of the country. Meanwhile Prayaana women are also taking this as a chance to refresh and reinvent ourselves. Given the enormous gravity of the situation, it’s a fact that many are undergoing a higher level of stress due to the unpredictability of the situation and the impending catastrophe. So to remain light, our group has undertaken a 21 days positivity challenge and to keep connected,we do meetings through online platforms to support one other and evaluate each other’s progress in our small start-ups. We hope, everything will turn out well with few adversities and the post corona days will be ever smoother once again.

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