Helen Mirren’s Career Turning Point

Helen Mirren early career
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Age is no barrier, according to Dame Helen Mirren, who champions breaking ageism and gender bias. Speaking at a L’Oréal Paris event where she stars in the Age Perfect campaign, Dame Helen, at 78, emphasizes celebrating one’s age and defying societal expectations.

Reflecting on her career, she notes an uncomfortable realization in her mid-30s that some opportunities were influenced by her youth, not talent. Despite experiencing self-doubt, Dame Helen encourages facing fears, asserting that the scariest challenges often yield the most growth.

As one ages, the fear doesn’t necessarily diminish, but individuals learn to manage it, shifting focus outward, making life more interesting. She urges embracing the journey and not solely fixating on the destination. Dame Helen advocates changing society’s perception of aging, emphasizing that growing older brings self-assurance and a broader perspective.

Regarding beauty routines, she rejects conformity, expressing her love for makeup and experimenting with different looks. She emphasizes the importance of skincare, mentioning her regimen, which includes L’Oréal Paris products.

The liberating aspect of aging, according to Dame Helen, is maintaining a sense of humor and having candid discussions with peers about the aging process. She calls for a change in the language surrounding aging and encourages confidence as individuals age. In terms of advice, Dame Helen recommends not smoking, using SPF, and embracing silver hair. She deliberately grew her hair long to challenge stereotypes about older women. The interview showcases Dame Helen Mirren’s commitment to defying age-related stereotypes and promoting confidence and individuality as one ages.

Repurposed article originally published in Hello!

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