Homemaker Starts Skin and Hair Care Business With Daughters and Earns Rs 4.5 Lakhs Per Month


Ritu Bansali along with her daughters Diva and Diya has started a natural homemade hair and skincare brand that is now making 4.5 Lakhs per month sale.

Ritu Bansali had been making natural products for hair and skincare for her family and friends for a long time. It was not until her daughter Diva went off to college that she realized the importance of the availability of these products. Diva could not get her mother’s home remedies for skin and hair care in her hostel, and hence she wanted to make these products available for everyone.

But Diva and Diya had to persuade their mother to convert her hobby into a business. Ritu Bansali had no confidence in making this into a business venture. But Diva and Diya did not give up. They had an Instagram page named ‘Everything Homemade’ which contained content related to food and tips related to it. They renamed this page to ‘Everything Mom Made’ and put some product catalogs and pictures. Only when they started to get some orders did they inform their mother about it and told her that now she has to fulfill these orders. That is how Ritu Bansali started her business in 2019 on Instagram named ‘Everything Mom Made’.

‘Everything Mom Made’ sells natural hair, skin and body care products, and they have about 175 products now whose price range is from Rs.99 to Rs.1500. Among them, aloe vera gel, face masks, and hair oil are a few of the fastest-selling products. The brand that currently sells products through its Instagram handle has around 20,000 followers. Now they sell products worth around Rs 4.5 lakh per month.

They further plan to revamp their product packaging. Even though all of their products come in glass bottles, they want to make their product packaging completely plastic-free. 

-Staff Reporter

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