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IAS officer Sonal Goel touched hearts with an emotional open letter to her father on Father’s Day, expressing gratitude for his love and support. The letter, shared on Instagram, resonated with many, highlighting the crucial role of a father in a daughter’s life. Sonal thanked her father for defying societal norms and empowering her to achieve greatness.

She appreciated his unwavering support, crediting him for shaping her resilience and belief in overcoming obstacles. Sonal acknowledged her father’s presence during her civil services exam preparation, providing strength through morning tea and silent support during long study nights.

She recalled a touching memory during the birth of her first child when her father ensured she had someone by her side despite being far from her family. She attributed her character to his values of selflessness, compassion, and pursuit of excellence. His actions taught her the importance of empathy and making a positive impact on others.

Sonal’s letter gained significance as she revealed her father’s battle with cancer, inspiring his family with unwavering faith and optimism. She expressed heartfelt prayers for his strength and recovery, reflecting the resilience he instilled in her.

The letter deeply touched readers, who admired Sonal’s strength and saw their own fathers’ love in her words. Social media overflowed with stories and well-wishes for Sonal Goel’s father’s health. Sonal Goel, a respected IAS officer of the 2008 batch, is known for her contributions and guidance to civil services aspirants on social media.
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