Importance of building daily habits based on our goals


How will the home be managed?

How will kids be managed in my absence?

How will elderly care be taken off?

How will my health allow me to work full-time after such a big break?

Will I be able to manage all this?

While most of us try to think about restarting our careers, these thoughts come to our minds. We keep going round and round like a spiral and often couldn’t conclude anything worthwhile.

There comes a phase in life when some of us feel that there is no way out. No one would be able to manage the things as we are managing them.

For sure, we all are unique and the way we manage things, people, or relationships are unique too. Yet, there are multiple ways by which these things can be managed too. 3 friends graduated from the same college, did MBA, and joined the same organization through campus recruitment. After a few years of being married and getting two kids each.

Staying in joint setup. One person left the job even after the birth of the first child. She wanted to spend the whole time with the kid. 

@ Person left job too, but after the birth of second child worked for 10 years and then opened a boutique at home while managing financial independence and family time

The third one continued to do the job with two kids. But maintained the regime of waking up at 5 am. She dedicates daily one hour of me-time prioritising her own exercise, meditation, and swimming. Cooking one meal and rest outsourcing for house help. There are multiple ways to find time for our own priorities, provided we identify them clearly.

Ensuring sleeping at 10. Irrespective of office parties, and family gatherings, but continued my corporate job.

No path is good, bad, or someone is fast or someone is lazy. It is just a matter of understanding our own life, personalities, and what we need from our life, and prioritizing the same.

Ultimately we would remain happy, if we know what we want in our life, then work towards achieving our goal

Now comes the second stage, which is self-empowering.

We need to understand ourselves and built habits to empower ourselves to achieve our goals.

Empowerment starts with daily identifying things which will make us closer to our goal and then prioritizing the options that we take.

E.g. If we need to ensure that our kids learn how to be independent so that they can manage their routine tasks without our intervention.

We need to prioritize this on a daily basis.

How in day-to-day activities can we plan, delegate, train, or make arrangements so that things can be managed.

Make a plan with some neighbors to pick or drop kids in rotation.

Train the kids to do minor tasks on their own like keeping surroundings clean, keeping clothes in their place, keep using plates in the basin, learn to cook basic things in case of emergency. 

Or, spending time with kids or making them comfortable in spending time with others in the family.

If we have a call to decide to learn any new course which can help us in getting a job or spending time with kids in the park.

Each day, each step, you need to prioritize each. Daily, we need to learn to build skills and empower ourselves in taking decisions that we fear taking earlier. Till the time we learn to break our imposter syndrome. Until we try doing different things, doing things differently, or changing our thought patterns, only then will we be able to attain different results?

So, let us gear up and try our level best to change our thought pattern first, followed by taking incremental actions towards our goals.

All the best and happy job surfing.

Warm Regards

Shalini Srivastava

HR leader, Certified Life Coach

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