India Launches Initiatives to Bring About Gender Equality

gender equality

In recent years, India has introduced several initiatives to attain gender parity and help in building women-led businesses. Indian Science, Technology, and Engineering Facilities Map (I-STEM) launched an initiative to strengthen the efforts of scientifically inclined women. It also launched a platform on September 6, called WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology). This platform can invite women researchers to register at the I-STEM, Asianlite International reported.

According to Asian Lite International, through the WEST initiatives, women will get more opportunities, which can help make them entrepreneurs. In addition, a digital consortium “Connect Quickly” for online discussion and immediate support has also been established through the I-STEM WhatsApp and Telegram platforms. A dedicated team of women will ensure the successful implementation of the WEST initiative.

The new WEST initiative strengthens the idea of “Equal Opportunities to All”. It is believed that women remained aloof from the technology sector and the gap was critical to the bridge. But now with a targeted appeal, it would invite more engagement to scientifically inclined women, reported Asianlite International.

In this new development, technology giant Google launched a new initiative where it announced the first cohort of 20 women-founded/co-founded startups, selected from close to 400 applications under its ‘Google for Startups Accelerator India Women Founders’ program.

It further stated that its women-focused accelerator program would help these startups in areas such as — access to capital, resolving problems in hiring talent, mentorship, and other allied challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

The project, to be implemented in 170 villages/towns across Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, will train over 8,500 women. It will focus on creating sustainable, long-term skills for entrepreneurship among participants and provide women entrepreneurs with financial services relevant to their enterprises and communities, according to Asianlite International.

Google India’s accelerator program will also host workshops and support startups in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud, UX, Android, web, product strategy, and growth. It will further connect them with a global community of women entrepreneurs.

Another company, Visa, has pledged USD 1 million to United Way Mumbai (UWM) to empower women-owned and women-focused businesses over the next three years. This is another development in bridging the gap and making women entrepreneurs.

Credits: ANI

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