Study: Decline in Women Leadership Across Companies


Representation of women in various companies has been increasing at the entry level while it has been decreasing at the managerial and corporate executive level, a report said on Monday. Avtar and Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) compiled the report, where it showed representation at the entry-level grew to 38 percent in 2022 compared to 33 percent in 2017. At the managerial level, it dipped by 9 percent, further declined by 18 percent at the senior managerial level, and at the corporate executive level, it slipped by 17 percent.

Commenting on it, Avtar founder-president Saundarya Rajesh said, “Women’s representation continues to improve when we look at a five-year data frame. We must note that the increase is primarily because of more women at the entry-level. However, as we move up the talent pipeline the drop in representation of women at senior levels is stark.”

“Celebrating women leaders and sharing their stories of success, conducting periodic audits of HR processes to ensure gender parity, and promoting work-life balance around senior career stages are very important,” he said.

“The 2022-BCWI-MICI results illustrate a clear path to progress. The 100 best companies continue to lean in career advancement for women in the form of sponsorship, mentorship, and returnship programs, as well as benefits that support their working mothers,” said the president of Seramount Subha V Barry.

“The Most Inclusive Companies Index emphasizes identifying and developing diverse talent, utilizing best practices. It is through measures like these that ensure inclusive workplaces are built,” he said.

Credits: PTI

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