Indian-Origin Woman Convicted of Multiple Fraud Offences in the UK

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A UK court has convicted an Indian-origin woman, Narinder Kaur aka Nina Tiara, of multiple counts of fraud and related offenses. The Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS) dubbed the 53-year-old a “prolific serial shoplifter” who shoplifted on an industrial scale and deceived shops into refunding her for items she had never actually purchased. She made it her full-time career to steal items from high street stores and dishonestly claim refunds on those items she was not entitled to.

Kaur also changed her name legally and opened new bank accounts and credit cards with a second identity to avoid detection.

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The CPS was able to prove that Kaur defrauded various retailers over a thousand times between July 2015 and February 2019 and she remains in custody until her sentencing. She faces a significant sentence for her crimes and the prosecution will look to recoup as many of her ill-gotten gains as the law allows.

Kaur also attempted to defraud Wiltshire Council of £7,400 by overpaying using stolen credit cards and then contacting the council for a refund, claiming she had accidentally made a payment with too many zeros. She also worked with a male accomplice to use stolen bank card details to make payments to her own heating oil supplier. Additionally, she instructed several solicitor firms to sue her brother and arranged for an accomplice to make payments in the thousands of pounds using stolen card details, which she then asked the solicitors to pay to her.

The CPS said it was able to prove the case using financial data, retail records, witness evidence, and CCTV which proved Kaur’s pattern of offending. The final part of her crime was to lie in the face of court proceedings, in order to mislead the court and try to affect the outcome. Each lie she made to the courts
was uncovered piece by piece and disproven so her perversion of justice could be uncovered.

It is disheartening to see women involved in such illegal activities. SheSight hopes this serves as a lesson to others who may consider following Kaur’s path. It is important for women to work hard and make a name for themselves with honesty and integrity.

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