Jacinda Arden resigns: BBC’s report slammed by netizens


BBC has done it again!

Jacinda Ardern resigns: can women have it all?” This headline for a woman respected the world over for her empathetic leadership, cannot get worst for BBC, known for its sexist and ageist narrative of women.  

From “warned about your wrinkles” to “token women” talk show snarks, BBC has only hardened its image of lacking respect and objectivity towards women in general.

Katherine O’Brien, an associate director at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service charity, said she could not believe the BBC “published this headline in the year 2023.”

And no, it doesn’t stop at just the headline. The news coverage goes on to focus specifically on the ‘difficulties’ she faced as one of the world’s youngest leaders. The article highlights the criticism she faced with her maternity leave, the ‘burdens’ of caring for her children, and her inharmonious experience with being a leader. It then goes on to state that she is very unpopular in her own country and that she will lose the next election if she decides to run again.

The BBC later changed the headline to ‘Jacinda Ardern resigns: Departure reveals unique pressures on PM.’

C’mon BBC, you can do better.

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