Mehndi artist Nimisha Parekh creates a binary mehndi design pattern for a tech couple!


Nimisha Parekh set modern Mehndi trend with her innovative mehndi design completely composed of 0s & 1s, the language of binary. Her client Ami & her spouse are techies who work in the US. While the bride Ami Patel has received compliments for her unique mehndi design from all her dear ones, only keen observers truly appreciate the genius of the pattern.

The innovator of this unique design is Surat-based mehndi artist Nimisha Parekh, who customizes her designs for brides and includes intricate details relevant to their lives. Her source of inspiration for her mehndi designs comes from folk designs.

Nimisha- Founder of MehndiCultr over the last three decades has gained global recognition for her art. She was awarded ‘the most innovative businesswoman’ by SGCCI’s (Southern Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry) WEC (Women Entrepreneur Conclave) in July 2022.

As a mehndi entrepreneur, Nimisha has empowered approximately 1000 women to become henna artists in various corners of India & many other countries.

As a renowned mehndi expert speaker for the preservation of Indian art forms and promotion of Indian culture, Nimisha has interacted with audiences from over 32 nationalities through multiple global engaging events.

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