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“Karen Venter is a well-known business coach with many credentials” She is the Master Trainer of UNCTAD Empretec,  Empretec India Community Development, and her skills in Entrepreneurship Education and  Leadership Training have made many realise their potential and reach their breakthrough.  She is based in South Africa and it was a pleasure to hear her talking.
  1. Karen, you are a well-acclaimed business coach. What is the philosophy behind your coaching techniques?

Business coaching is a mutually respectful relationship of equals, where the full commitment to move oneself forward lies with the individual being coached, and responsibility for providing the roadmap and tools to their goal achievement, the support, and accountability to guide that happening for the client, lies with the coach.

2. If somebody approaches you for business consulting, how would you take them from there?

I would take them through my dynamic and fast-paced 10-week online Revenue Breakthrough coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs.

3. Karen, we would like to know more about your 10-week Revenue Breakthrough Coaching Programme. How is it being conducted? What can one expect as the outcome after attending the program?

The program helps business owners to increase and break through their current revenue ceiling, harnessing fresh opportunities by identifying and executing innovative business model changes that respond effectively to the newly shifted business reality. The focus is on innovation and lean operation. The online program is the roadmap that will take you to this destination step by step. It is based on the principle of S.A.M. – Skills, Accountability, and Mentorship. The Skills component is conducted online using videos to teach you all the skills you need to complete the assignment for the week. Accountability is achieved by submitting completed assignments to the coach for constructive feedback and follow-up if you “disappear” off the program radar for 2 weeks. Office hours occur with weekly hour-long mentorship sessions in a group setting which forms part of accountability as well as guiding you through the process wherever you might feel stuck or require additional support. As the  coach, I make  sure that  every participant is  fully supported through these channels to bring them to the desired outcome

4. Karen, in these highly competitive and uncertain times, what is that ‘in thing’ one needed for the achievement of her vision?

In our current business market, entrepreneurs need to focus on what is unique about their product or service and how they can innovate to ensure this uniqueness. Being successful in business is no longer based on better quality or cheaper prices (although these things remain important). It is now about offering something more than your competitors, something innovative, something that closes the gap between what is currently available and what they need while being environmentally conscious about what you are offering.

5. How did you get involved with Empretec India?

I am an accredited UNCTAD Empretec trainer living in South Africa. I was approached, via my Brazilian Empretec mentor, Fernando Gameleira, by the Empretec India Director, Mr Arnab Chakraborthy, to form part of the training team for a workshop in December 2015. I was beyond excited to be offered the opportunity and accepted immediately. During the workshop Arnab asked me to return for the next Empretec Workshop in India and the rest is history. I have been part of the installation team of the program in India ever since, training on all workshops which are held in the country.

6. We need to zoom and pan out all the possibilities at this time of coved 19 hit time. How should we go ahead during this time of depression?

That’s really what the focus of my online program is all about, mapping out the process for you as an entrepreneur to “find your way” in this new and sometimes challenging environment. But remember, challenges can sometimes force you to look at fresh opportunities and keep your business relevant to your target market. Wherever there is a problem, there is also a solution. The idea for now is to move your focus on the solution and not keep yourself stuck on the problem.

7. You are motivating many across the world. Please let us know what your inspiration is.

My inspiration is undoubtedly the people who I coach and work with on training programs. I meet such passionate, committed, vibrant entrepreneurs. It is just natural to want to help them achieve their goals and become the very best business person version of themselves that they aspire to be. Their persistence and desire to grow inspire me.

8. Unlike in the past, networking through social media is crucial. So what is your take on this?

Having a business but not having an online presence on social media is like winking at a girl in the dark. It is the primary way that business contacts are made today, particularly in the post-Covid reality we find ourselves in. If you don’t have time or are not familiar with social media, invest in a social media partner who you can outsource this important function to.

9. This magazine focuses on uplifting and motivating women entrepreneurs, kindly show some light for us.

I know that as women in developing countries, we still feel some patriarchal influence in our societies but this does not mean that we can’t pave the way for ourselves. I do believe that we are living in a time where women are making their voices heard above these challenges and that we can achieve whatever we set our hearts and minds to achieve. As strong women, we need to harness our self-confidence and be the shining lights we are meant to be. We are so fortunate that we show up in the world, not only with capable and clear minds but also with compassion and heart. I think this is a most beautiful attribute that brings a unique perspective and compliments us and our passion for our clients, products, and environment as business people.

10. Karen, what made you choose this path – business coaching? Were there challenges in your life? A diamond was nothing special once but with enough time and pressure, it becomes spectacular! We are eager to hear from you.

My coaching journey was an organic transition for me which unfolded as my children grew older and my focus became more about what I wanted to achieve in life than being focused almost completely on my children. I have had many challenges but am eager to talk more about the good stuff in this interview.


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