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“Known for redefining leadership and for inspiring people to succeed in their career, Payal Nanjiani is changing the way corporates approach the human side of business.”

Payal Nanjiani, leadership expert, speaker and author is one amongst the extremely few women to be recognized in America in the field of leadership speaking and book writing. As the founder of ‘Success Is Within Leadership’, Payal has till date helped millions of people and numerous organizations across the globe to become successful, no matter what. Today, Payal is known globally for her ‘high impact leadership workshops’ and iconic keynotes. She is the most sought after Indian-American leadership speaker; and executive coach for Fortune 500 companies, celebrity CEO and large organisations. She is also the recipient of the state Golden key award, and has been selected as Corporate influencer –Singapore.. Her book ‘Success Is Within’ ‘is the bestseller amongst corporates and entrepreneurs, globally, making her a truly global phenomena.

Let us have a chat with Payal. who has now dedicated her work and resources to help companies and people in India to lead and succeed. In this candid in-depth interview, we take a glimpse of her philosophies, mottos and methods.

  1. In your interesting, inspiring and well informed blog you have urged people to ‘concentrate on being rather than the doing”-power packed words indeed . Can you please elaborate this for readers?

I’ve been coaching men and women at all levels around the world to become successful at whatever they do. I have seen more business and people fail than succeed. And that’s sad because we are in an era of great resources and information where success tips are available to all. So definitely something significant is missing here.

We need to understand the basic science behind achieving our targets and goals. If results are truly important, and if everything depends on numbers and outcomes, then we should place more emphasis on the human being rather than the human doing. Ultimately, it is the being that achieves truly lasting results. If you look around today, we talk about mindfulness, yoga, healthy diet, great benefits, work life balance, opportunities, and innovations. But, in the midst of all of this, the person’s being is unhappy, stressed, and full of worry, anxiety, dissatisfaction, greed, doubt, and negativity. Most successful entrepreneurs and leaders I have worked with, have a deep awareness of what it took to get there. They understand that they are the root of their success and failure. Leaders who simply focus on results (doing) don’t do nearly as well as those that also pay attention to the root(being). So, I emphasize this element of the being which is beyond just self-care and meditation. It has a whole lot to do with conditioning yourself for success. Remember, when you put your people first, they put the company first.

2. You ‘chisel out the leader within every one, no matter who they are. How do you do this?

Look, my work takes me around the globe, where I get an opportunity to work closely with high-rank executives and business moguls. I am seeing first how they operate on a daily basis. And I am blown away with what I experience every time I sit and talk with these business moguls. The success mantra that the majority part of the world is following which is hard work, networking and building skillsets is not what’s been practised by these people whom we see standing head and shoulders above the rest. Yes, hard work is important, but you’ve also got to condition your mind to be successful. So I deconstruct what I learn while coaching and speaking with top CEO’s and super successful entrepreneurs and disseminate that information in the most simplest form through my workshops, coaching and books to people around the world. I guess that is why I am popularly known for sharing “insider techniques” which are not openly available on public domains. I believe in optimizing the self.

Success can be achieved in ‘any economy’ words that flew ahead of time. – Most needed and relevant words at this corona hit days. Could you please give a few words for us to remain optimistic and enthusiastic in the coming days of doom and recession.

A lot coming on this in my next book to be released in July of 2020. But for starters, I would say what’s been helping me and my clients is optimizing your daily ritual. It’s a six phase morning routine. It’s very popular now amongst my clients, and it’s something that I designed. It keeps me and my clients mentally alert, highly productive, and allows the mind and body to just function really well on a day-to-day basis. And all of this is impacting the bottom line of the organizations and people.

Additionally I would say work on your professional knowledge and career skills even more. Listen to audiobooks, podcasts and resources so you raise your leadership level. And soon you will be rewarded and will be an exceptional standout from the crowd.

3. It is all ‘our mind’ has become a cliché. One needs plenty of energy and enthusiasm to have that vision and dream to aspire. For many it is like desire is there but no dreams. How can one maintain the energy needed to be motivated on a daily basis?

Wow. I love that question Suja. Business owners and corporate professionals often ask me how to increase energy given the physical, mental and emotional stamina it takes to get to your dreams. By mastering strategies for reaching your peak state of focus and productivity, you can actually increase energy levels naturally to live the fulfilling life you deserve. Relying on coffee, energy drinks or synthetic pills is not good for your overall health and can lead to energy crashes or dependence. You need a targeted strategy for increasing your mental, emotional and physical energy. And I teach this all the time in my high impact leadership workshop.

One of the things I suggest is to keep the “baggage” light. I am talking here of the mental baggage. As we spend more time in our careers, we start filling our minds with experiences, lessons, and conditioned responses. Our “baggage” becomes filled with negativity, doubt, stress, politics, professional grudges, anxiety, pressure, bad experiences, regret, guilt, and desire. With time, the bag becomes bigger and heavier. We don’t put this bag down. And most of us will carry it until we exit our career life, and maybe even later. It becomes a part of us. The heavier the baggage you are carrying, the more your energy drains and you have little or no energy left to fulfil your dreams. So, travel light. Think for a few minutes about what is inside your mental baggage. How much is negative and how much is positive? Conduct a self-audit.

4. Earlier it was– work hard, an idle mind is devils workshop , blood sweat and tears , fight tooth and nail ; but your ways are ‘ simply be’ , ‘serene and speed’, ‘concentrate in your being’ — Hearing this itself one feels relieved and feel success is reachable. Can you throw a bit light on this aspect ?

Most of the business world is built on the belief that as long as you put in a good effort ,work hard, and develop your skillsets you’ll be rewarded with success. It’s straightforward, easy to remember, and seems like a honest approach. And we are, literally, killing ourselves over this to be successful in our career. But then look around you and you see the reality. In a world population of 7.6 billion people, only a handful of people are successful. Why? Because it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

I sincerely believe that we all have a very limited time in our career life. And while we are here, we have to give our best and succeed. The difference between peak performer and average performer is your actions. In turn, your action is based on your state of mind. So we’ve got to develop what I teach in Fortune 500 Companies, a leadership mindset. The key to unlocking your success is in your leadership. For many years now through my Unstoppable

Leadership Success™ workshops I’ve been helping people to work, think and behave with a leadership mindset. The results are mind-blowing. Companies are seeing a rise in their employee engagement and productivity. Because you take yourself with you everywhere. For success and prosperity, it is important to condition your mind in a way that leads you to your desired outcome. This is something I am working closely with corporates in India as well as globally.

5. How can one reset one self?

Suja, you are nailing every question as we move ahead with this interview. This is such an apt question in today’s environment. Reset by asking yourself three questions. 1. Where am I today? 2. Where do I want to go? 3. Why do I want to go there? As simple as these questions sound, you will be amazed that answer is never with clarity. Success depends largely on what you do today. We must plan for our future. However you cannot live your future. If you want to achieve your future goals, you should remain engaged constantly, in your moment-to-moment activities. Your daily routine sets the tone for your future. In my work as a coach, I spend a lot of time with my clients at their office. Their daily routine gives me a clear picture of whether they will be successful or not in achieving their goals.

6. In India, unlike the states, the women folk are more tied up by her responsibilities and duties. So how we can apply the magic words ‘take charge’ in this context. A few words from you will be of great relief and a ray of hope for many .

Don’t try to fit into the world. We are in a world where most women are hungry to fit in and be perfect. We’ve got to understand that true success is living your life on your own terms. The best decisions I’ve made in my life when it comes to family as well as business were when I followed my instinct. Women need to follow their instincts and trust their decisions. No amount of empowerment from the outside will do any good if women do not know how to empower themselves from within first.

7. It is really inspiring to see an Indian woman like yourself riding high, breaking the glass ceiling. Congratulations once again! We are sure that you had a beautiful parenting! How did they guide you? How do your family support you now?

It’s such a touching question Suja . I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that in all the thousands of interviews I’ve done . You’re very thoughtful .. Yes, I am fortunate to be born in a family that emphasizes on love and education . My parents have always been all supportive of letting me choose my direction in life . My father has been most instrumental in where I am today . In a world where women are taught to be more homely and keep career as a secondary option, my father took the less travelled road . He instilled in me a dream of becoming iconic and doing something that will be remembered by the world at large . Today, my books and resources are adding value to people’s life . I feel blessed and honored to be sharing techniques with people that will help them become world – class leaders and succeed .

8. Are there any tips for parenting from your part as you know the ins and outs of the success game .

A simple line from me: Never let anyone’s opinion about your children define them.

9. Please can you put a word or two for the budding women entrepreneurs ?

I have many women entrepreneurs who approach me to help them to succeed in their business. One thing I emphasize on is the fact that you are built to be successful. Success is within you. So begin to focus on 1% improvements every day, over time that leads to revolutionary  results.  In  my own  work,  I’ve  consciously focused  on  making  progress every  single  day,  around  the books,  around  my  messages, around my impact, around the craft, and over time the days slipped into weeks, the weeks slipped into months, the months slipped into years, and I built a movement of millions and millions of people around the message. I’ve been at this field of leadership and success mastery for 21 years, and I have more fire in my belly to serve humanity than ever before.

I just really, really, really want to teach people the mechanics and tactics of elite performance and genius, so I deconstruct these things.

10. Is your renowned book ‘ success is within’ available in India ? We are eager to know more about the book .

Yes, it’s available in India and world-wide by my publisher Taylor and Francis Group (NewYork). In the book I have shared 21 ways for achieving results, prosperity and fulfilment that I have personally learnt from the top players and most successful people in the world. If your read the book, you will be blown away with the simple rituals and practices these people have that has led to them becoming successful. You will know for sure that achieving success is no rocket science. It is bound to help you to realise the simple fact of life that success is within you.

Payal Nanjiani has a passion to serve people. For more details and for an appointment to talk with Payal find her at or email her at



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