Kashmiri-American Krystle Kaul Surpasses Fundraising Goal for Congress Run

Fundraising goal
Image courtesy: Seatle Times

Krystle Kaul, a Kashmiri-American national security expert, has raised $567,000 for her congressional campaign in Virginia’s 10th District, surpassing the incumbent’s fundraising.

Krystle Kaul’s Congressional Campaign

Krystle Kaul, a Democrat, aims to become the first Kashmiri-American woman elected to Congress, focusing on education, healthcare, and public safety.

A Leader in National Security

With over 20 years of experience in defense and intelligence, Kaul has served in various high-ranking positions, demonstrating her expertise and dedication.

Inspiration from Personal Background

Kaul’s passion for national security stems from her father’s stories about the conflict in Kashmir, motivating her to pursue public service.

Diverse Background and Education

Fluent in eight languages and holding degrees from prestigious universities, Kaul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her campaign.

Championing Key Issues

Kaul’s platform emphasizes affordable healthcare, safe communities, and support for small businesses, resonating with constituents’ concerns.

A Historic Candidacy

As the first Kashmiri-American to run for Congress, Kaul represents a significant milestone for diversity and representation in American politics.

Susheela Jayapal’s Campaign for Oregon’s 3rd District

Meanwhile, Susheela Jayapal, also of Indian descent, seeks to address pressing issues like homelessness, environmental protection, and civil rights in Oregon.

Continuing a Legacy of Service

Jayapal’s background in law and nonprofit work equips her to tackle complex challenges facing her community, promising effective leadership in Congress.

Prioritizing Local and National Issues

From advocating for homeless prevention programs to addressing climate change and LGBTQ+ rights, Jayapal’s agenda reflects her commitment to progressive values.

Looking Ahead to the Elections

Both Kaul and Jayapal offer strong platforms and compelling visions for their respective districts, setting the stage for competitive congressional races in November.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The shethepeople

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