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Summer is the season for fun outdoor activities, but the sweltering heat can wreak havoc on your makeup. With the right products and techniques, you can keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day long. Here are some tips from Avleen Bansal, Head of Training at MOIRA, on how to achieve sweat-proof makeup during the summer.

Start with a Primer:

During summer, a good primer is essential for creating a smooth base for your makeup. Look for a mattifying or oil-control primer to keep your skin shine-free and sweatproof. It also helps to absorb excess oil and keeps your makeup in place for longer hours.

Switch to Waterproof Products :

Invest in a good quality waterproof foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick that will not smudge or melt in the heat. Also, choose sweat-resistant products specifically designed for summer to ensure that your makeup stays put.

Use Powder to Set Your Makeup:

Use a translucent powder to set your foundation, concealer, and other liquid or cream-based products. This helps to absorb any excess oil that might accumulate on your skin and prevents creasing or smudging.

Keep Blotting Papers Handy:

Blotting papers is an easy and quick way to remove excess oil or sweat from your face without disturbing your makeup. Keep a pack of blotting papers in your bag and use them as needed throughout the day.

Don’t Forget to Prime Your Eyes :

Use an eyeshadow primer to keep your eyeshadow in place and prevent smudging or creasing. Your eyelids can get oily and sweaty during summer, and using an eyeshadow primer helps to keep your eyeshadow looking fresh all day long.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy summer without worrying about your makeup melting away. With the right products and techniques, you can achieve sweat-proof makeup that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous all day long.

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