Kerala Couple’s Remarriage for Daughters’ Inheritance Rights

                                                  Image Source: She The People

In a heartwarming and progressive move, a Muslim couple in the southern Indian state of Kerala recently got remarried to ensure that their daughters receive their rightful share of property inheritance. The couple had initially divorced about 25 years ago due to family disputes, and the wife had moved out with their two daughters. However, they continued to have a cordial relationship and co-parented their children.

As per Islamic inheritance laws, daughters are entitled to only half the share of property compared to sons. However, the couple wanted to ensure that their daughters receive an equal share of their ancestral property, which includes a house and some land. Therefore, they decided to get remarried and re-register their marriage, as per the Special Marriage Act, which provides for equal property rights to both spouses.

The couple’s decision has been widely appreciated, as it breaks away from patriarchal norms and promotes gender equality. It is also a reminder of the importance of educating oneself on legal provisions and rights. As per reports, the couple had consulted lawyers and religious scholars before taking the decision.

This move is especially significant in a state like Kerala, where there have been instances of property disputes within families, leading to legal battles and strained relationships. It also reflects the changing mindset of people toward gender equality and progressive values.

In recent years, Kerala has been at the forefront of promoting gender equality and women’s rights. The state has a high literacy rate and a strong tradition of social reform movements, which have contributed to creating a more inclusive and progressive society. However, there is still a long way to go, as gender disparities and patriarchal attitudes persist in many parts of the country.

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