India’s Supreme Court reviews same-sex marriage case

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India’s Supreme Court recently referred a case on the recognition of same-sex marriages to a five-judge bench, sparking renewed hope among India’s LGBTQ+ community. The case was brought before the court by several LGBTQ+ activists, who argued that the lack of recognition of same-sex marriages violated their constitutional rights.

India’s legal system currently does not recognize same-sex marriages, and homosexuality was only decriminalized in 2018, following a landmark Supreme Court ruling. However, many LGBTQ+ activists argue that this is not enough and that they continue to face discrimination and marginalization in society.

The referral of the same-sex marriage case to a five-judge bench is significant, as it indicates that the Supreme Court is willing to reconsider its previous rulings on the issue. The case will now be heard by a larger panel of judges, who will review the legal arguments and evidence presented by both sides.

Many LGBTQ+ activists have expressed hope that the five-judge bench will rule in favor of recognizing same-sex marriages, which would be a major step forward for LGBTQ+ rights in India. However, others caution that the outcome of the case is far from certain and that there is still significant opposition to same-sex marriage in India.

Despite the challenges they face, India’s LGBTQ+ community has been increasingly vocal in recent years, pushing for greater recognition and acceptance in society. The referral of the same-sex marriage case to a five-judge bench is just the latest example of their ongoing struggle for equality and justice.

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