Khloe Kardashian claps back
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Reality star Khloe Kardashian responded to online trolls who criticized her physical appearance on Instagram. In a video documenting Khloe Kardashian’s morning workout routine, Khloe took a few Q&A’s from her followers. One user asked if she missed her old face, implying that she had undergone plastic surgery. Khloe quickly shut down the comment, responding with a simple “No.”

Another user suggested that Khloe was using a filter in the video, to which she responded by questioning the relevance of a filter to her workout routine. However, not all comments were negative, with some fans expressing appreciation for her sharing her routine and promising to try it themselves.

Khloe’s transformation has been a topic of discussion for years, with many speculating that she has had plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, liposuction, and a Brazilian Butt Lift. Despite the rumors, Khloe has been open about her journey to a healthier lifestyle, including her weight loss and workout regimen.

The reality star also gave fans a glimpse of her daughter, True, in the video, showing her dedication to balancing her role as a mother with her fitness routine. Khloe’s response to the negative comments demonstrates her unwillingness to tolerate online trolling and emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and body positivity.

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