Know the link between Covid-19 and your gut

gut with coid

Recently, I came across an article that had something to say about a person’s gut health.

Our gut plays an extremely important role in maintaining overall health.

Chills, fever, loss of taste and smell, malaise, and cold are some of the common symptoms of Covid-19. But, did you know that the virus also affects your gut and stomach? Rashi Chowdhary, who is a diabetes educator, recently took to Instagram and shared that “there’s one common post-infection symptom among so many people – gut issues and stomach cramps.”

She explained why and how the virus affects the gut along with possible solutions to manage the same.

“Even though covid is primarily a respiratory disease, it does impact our gut. And that’s because the virus enters our cells by latching onto protein receptors called ACE2. And we have the largest number of ACE2 receptors in our gut,” she said.

She remarked that once the infection enters a human gut, it changes the gut microbiome which leads to inflammation and causes diarrhoea, indigestion, and even pain every time one eats. 

The virus tends to stay longer in the gut as compared to the respiratory tract, and that the only way to recover from it to strengthen the gut microbiota.

Tips to maintain a healthy gut:-

1. If you’re facing gut issues post covid, please make a point to strictly remove all processed food from diet.

2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to reduce inflammation; you can have apples, berries, tomatoes, celery and onions.

3. Include fermented foods to increase good bacteria. To know how probiotics improve gut health, read here.

4. Make sure you consume adequate amounts of fluids and stay hydrated. “Water helps flush out toxins and also carries oxygen to your entire body,” she explained.

5. Get your dose of omega-3s. To know about plant-based sources, click here. “If your gut is extremely sensitive, you might need some professional help,” she concluded.

Source:- Indian Express

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