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As the nation celebrated Independence Day, the spotlight illuminated five extraordinary women who are catalysts for transformative change in India. These women have embarked on resolute journeys to challenge societal norms and foster meaningful dialogues around pressing issues like menstruation, child marriage, and gender violence.

Hailing from Bengaluru, Shanthi Muniswamy is an artist and activist with the Aravani Art Project. This initiative not only reclaims public spaces but also amplifies the voices of trans and cis women through captivating murals. Her commitment to inclusivity and social change is evident in her advocacy for marginalized communities.

Annu Kumari’s story emanates from Bihar, where she demonstrated exceptional courage in resisting early marriage to pursue her dream of becoming a police constable. She shared and empowered her community with her knowledge about period management, nutrition, and overall health.

Pooja Singh, from the village of Marmo, Rajouli, defied the constraints of early marriage and pursued education with the support of the Population Foundation of India. Her journey from putting dreams on hold to advocating for women’s rights serves as a beacon of hope for others in her community.

Roshni Perween, triumphed over child marriage and gender-based violence to become a beacon of change. Her digital campaigns, backed by the Nguvu Collective, strive to eradicate child marriage in the Seemanchal region. Roshni’s mission also extends to raising awareness in schools and promoting accessible helpline resources for women and children.

Sohani Bhatnagar, a 19-year-old law student from Bhopal, is a force to reckon with. Her commitment to menstrual health, girls’ empowerment, and equality led her to launch initiatives for girls. She recently championed an online petition, supported by the Nguvu Collective, urging CBSE to introduce mandatory lessons on menstrual hygiene in schools.
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