Belgian University Unveils Taylor Swift Literature
Image Credit: Wion

Belgium’s University of Gent (UGent) is offering a fresh take on literature studies by introducing a course focused on Taylor Swift’s impact. Named “English Literature: Taylor’s Version,” the course aims to engage Master’s students in exploring the significance of Swift’s work. Professor Elly McCausland, an avid Taylor Swift fan, will lead the course, aiming to make historical English literature more enjoyable and relevant for students.

Professor McCausland emphasizes the importance of studying contemporary female icons alongside traditional literary figures, stating that while plenty has been written about historical male authors, it’s time to shed light on modern stars. By doing so, students can better understand the connection between past and present literature.

Taylor Swift’s music often draws inspiration from classic literary works, and this course will examine Taylor Swift compositions in relation to renowned authors like Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and iconic tales like “The Great Gatsby,” “Jane Eyre,” and “Romeo and Juliet.” UGent’s course joins the ranks of American universities that have similarly recognized Swift’s cultural impact through academic courses. Stanford University and New York University have previously introduced classes delving into Taylor Swift’s storytelling abilities.

In a bid to bridge the gap between historical and contemporary literature, UGent’s innovative course promises to offer students a vibrant perspective on how artistry and history intertwine.
Re-reported from the article originally published in Wion

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