Meet World’s Tallest Woman: Rumeysa Gelgi


The Guinness World Records has announced that Rumeysa Gelgi, considered the world’s tallest woman, has now made three more world records. This makes her the recipient of five world records.

The world has found the tallest woman in the world in the smallest city of Turkey. Rumeysa Gelgi, an advocate, researcher and front-end developer has been conferred with the title of the tallest living woman in the world by Guinness World Record. 

She’s 7 feet 0.7inches (215.1 cm) tall. How did she get so tall? By the age of 7, she was already taller than most of the kids of her age. The reason behind her increasing tallness is caused by Weaver Syndrome, a rare condition, which causes rapid growth in height. It affects men three times more than women. Because of her condition she usually needs help while walking, can only walk for a short period and often uses a wheelchair. 

Apart from being the tallest woman, she also holds several other records too. Such as: 

  • the longest finger on a living person (female): 11.2 cm (4.40 in)
  • Largest hands on a living person (female): her right-hand measures 24.93 cm (9.81 in) and her left-hand measures 24.26 cm (9.55 in)
  •  Longest back on a living person (female): 59.90 cm (23.58 in)

Gelgi shared her experience with GWR on YouTube. She explains, “I got bullied a lot as a kid, but one of the benefits of being tall is that you can hold Guinness World Records! I received my first record title in 2014 as a teenager and since then I have been using her title for advocacy reasons that are why I am grateful for it.” 

~by Shyma

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