Meet Rijisha, designer of the Guinness World Record Winning Diamond Ring


India has created yet another world record for having the most number of diamonds set in one single ring. Breaking the previous record of 12,638 diamonds in one ring, which was also designed and manufactured in India, Rijisha T V, an accessory designer from Kerala designed a ring that has a total of 24,697 diamonds in it.

Inspired by the pink oyster mushroom, this 27-year-old designer came up with a unique design for this ring for a Kerala- based Jeweller, in just 15 days! Named “The Touch of Ami”, the ring has found a place in both the Guinness World Records and the Asian Book of Records. The tagline came from immortality, royalty, and longevity. “So, the concept is that whoever is wearing this ring, this ring is wishing that person a touch of immortality,” Says Rijisha. The ring weighs 344 grams and is priced at around Rs 80 lakh.

Just after completing her Master’s in lifestyle accessory design from the National Institute of Design, this was Rijisha’s first ever project. ” Initially, I was very scared. I even isolated myself in my room for three days. Somehow, after several days of creative iterations, I finished it and sent the design”, says Rijisha. However, the road to building a career in jewellery design wasn’t easy for Rijisha. She shared, “I always wanted to be in the design field, but due to pressure from my parents, friends, and society, I went for engineering. But, later realised that that was not my forte! Throughout the ups and downs of her career, Rijisha’s constant support was from her parents; especially her mother, and this achievement of hers is surely a proud moment for her parents.

Message for the younger generation: Follow your passion, you’ll reach where you’re destined to.”

Many congratulations to Rijisha for such a huge achievement and team SheSight wishes her all the very best for her future.

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