Mesmerizing Story of Urmila Jamnadas Asher: 77 years old Dadi handling a home-made Supper Business.


Whenever we think of women in their late 60s or 70s, a picture of a woman walking around with a stick in hand or a woman who cannot muster the strength of even getting up from the chair, pops in our mind, doesn’t it? But there’s a little twist when it comes to picturing Urmila Jamnadas Asher, popularly known as Gujjuben, currently running her small food business ‘Gujjuben Na Nasta’ based in Mumbai, day in and day out. 

When it comes to cooking and delivering people with heavenly delicacies for their tea-time every evening, our Super Woman keeps on working without any break. Her everyday strenuous routine starts at 5 am early in the morning and ends at 9 pm late in the evening. Miraculously, Urmila Dadi actively completes her daily targets with undying enthusiasm and sheer determination. Her endurance for working 80+ hours every week has been a little appalling for the young minds. 

Urmila Dadi’s strong-willed approach towards life. 

Gujjuben was blessed to be a mother of three children but sadly, she lost all three of them to unfortunate events of time and life. Her 2.5 years old daughter accidentally fell off a building and lost her life. Health affiliations got the worst of her two sons; the older son gave a tough fight to a brain tumour but eventually lost, and the younger son lost his life to a tragic stroke of a heart attack.

With such devastating losses happening one after the other anyone could lose hope and give but Dadi’s feet remained adamant and did not let these turn of events falter her. Instead, she always saw a silver lining and would get back up stronger than ever. 

Even during the time when her only grandson, Harsh Asher encountered a catastrophic accident and wrecked his upper lip as well as the tongue, Dadi stayed stern and motivated Harsh to look beyond the emotionally scarring damage that had happened. 

Gujjuben has always been the support system of her family and has never failed to inspire people to become better versions of themselves. 

Urmila Dadi in Business.

The 77 years old Gujjuben had a zestful approach towards cooking appetizing snacks for her near and dear ones since her childhood days and continued to do so in the later stages of her life. One fine day, her grandson gave a thought to Dadi’s interests and experiences, and came up with the idea of ‘Gujjuben Na Nasta’.  

Gujjuben has travelled to the corners of the world including London and Portugal, providing families with her heavenly snacks of all times. 

Today, Gujjuben has successfully started an Instagram Page @gujjubennanasta for the ones loving her mouth-watering snacks. The page gives you a quick tour of the wide variety of snacks made with a little extra love from gathiya to dhokla. In addition to this, you can always have a glimpse of some funny food memes and a cheerful smile of Dadi. 

Gujjuben never fails to give a little laughter to curious souls and satisfaction to starving stomachs. Nor does she fail to be a role model for every aspiring woman whether she is young or old. Gujjuben has been defying all the misfortunate events of life and society’s stereotypical notions about women, and keeps on moving forward with a hint of vivacity in her smile and lots of motivation in her eyes. 

Written By:-

Miss Karuna Arora.
18 yrs
Indirapuram, UP

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