Now I find myself safe no more,

as if there’s no respect for girls anymore.

The kind of world I want to see

seems now an impossible wish to be.

The more advanced we’re becoming along

more backward opinions are beginning to form;

Here we dream a developed nation

but the standard of thoughts is falling by each generation.

Can’t think what the future’s gonna be

Although I’m sure, it wouldn’t be safe place to be.

Being a woman, I feel I’ve lost to prove

searching for facilities to help me improve

Yet again I stand dependent

continuously going through feelings of resentment.

It might be easy to question my character

or even judge me by my figure.

But the truth won’t remain hidden,

that I’m a soul which isn’t forbidden

I might be soft to thoughts and people

but I’m also a strong individual.

I might be an easy target to deceive

but you can’t estimate what all I can achieve.

The only drawback I feel in me

is that I often forget how worthy I’m already.

Even after these struggles, I stand strong,

willing to break this chain and move on;

to create a world of equality & equity

where no one ever feels insecure about their safety.

Poet:- Miss Aadya Khullar.
City:- Delhi
Age:- 19

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