Mobikwik co-founder: To be fearless doesn’t mean to be devoid of fear


Upasana Taku is the co-founder of MobiKwik, one of India’s giant Buy Now, Pay Later ( BNPL) players.

Over the years, she gained knowledge in forecasting, market research, marketing, and outreach. And as time’s arrow marched ahead, she also understood user experience, design, risk identification, and fraud management.

Her extensive knowledge allows her to make crisper decisions, and the courage she brings to the table has helped make waves in the fintech universe.

One of her learnings has been never to shy away from taking big calls and to hold her ground during negotiations. So, how do we tell whether we are being courageous? Often, we find that doing something devoid of fear and anxiety is courageous. But, to be fearless doesn’t mean to be devoid of fear. Instead, it is the idea that we overcome fear to be fearless.

The same applies to being courageous. The true mark of courage stems from the obstacles we must overcome and the decisions we make at that moment. We might have to let go of what is familiar to us and be brave toward the unknown. It is tough. But we have people who have made it to the other side. And Upasana Taku indeed has been one such role model.

So, in moments of fear, how do you find the ground to be courageous?

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