The secret behind Nykaa’s success- unlearn and relearn the ways of networking


This woman needs no introduction. We all know the story of Falguni Nayar, the woman who, at 50, became a force to reckon with in the cosmetics world.

While there are several business lessons out there to learn from Nykaa, seeing Falguni Nayar lay the groundwork before success is what piques my interest.

To become an entrepreneur, a person must be invested in the problem they wish to solve. And that commitment only comes from working towards sectors they are interested in. Falguni loved makeup. She was a user of these products, understood the issues at ground level, and could take in the insights and work towards her product. She also saw the opportunity in the potential online market out there.

In an interview with LiveMint, a skill she mentions is networking.
She says, ‘women must dip into their networks and deepen their skills beyond their core strengths.’

While this sounds cliche, these core skills help us in the long run. It can seem like a daunting task – getting our hands dirty, putting ourselves out there, and exposing ourselves to be vulnerable is what pushes us forward. In a way, we have to unlearn and relearn the ways of networking and constantly push ourselves.

Finding career hacks for the short term is easy. But we need to lay the groundwork to develop skills to help us start our business even at fifty.

So, what are some of the ways you keep upskilling yourself?

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