Alpana And Viral Tiiwari Nuskha Kitchen

Image Credits: The Better India

Launched in 2019 by Alpana and Viral Tiwari, Nuskha Kitchen is helping pregnant ladies and new mothers meet their nutritional requirements with one delicious laddu at a time.

Alpana Tivari’s father was a Vaidya (Someone who practices Ayurveda). So she grew up with Ayurveda and a healthy lifestyle. After her own delivery, she began to help the neighbourhood women with their pregnancy nutrition by making healthy nutritious laddoos for them. She started this venture because of the insistence of her gynaecologist, Dr Santosh Yadav. Alpa understood that many of the pregnant ladies and new mothers did not know about the traditional food consumed at the time of pregnancy. Also, they did not have the time or inclination to make the nutrition supplement for themselves. 

So with an intention to help them, Alpana began to make nutritious laddoos at her home. But soon she began to get more orders. She kept this a secret from her husband and children because she did not want comments like ‘why are you bothering to do this. She was not doing this for money and was just for the satisfaction and sense of ‘sukoon’ (comfort) she felt when she handed over the laddoos to any pregnant lady or new mother who needed them. 

Years later, when her son Viral quit his IT job and was in search of another job, Alpana asked Viral to find out about the market value of a business like that the nutritional laddoos have. First Viral was not convinced to join his mother’s business. But when he saw the customer’s positive reaction and the sales turnout, he was sure that this venture has a lot of potential as a business So, in 2019, the mother and son started making this venture into a proper business and named it ‘Nuskha Kitchen’.

Alpana follows up with her clients and keeps track of their nutritional needs and caters to them accordingly. She even makes the laddoos according to the preferences of the clients. Alpana says, “We understand the issues that pregnant women face and for that, we make oats laddu, shatavari powder, coconut laddu, ragi laddu and even provide a postnatal package that includes ajwain and sonth laddu, among other things.”

Since its formal inception, Nuskha Kitchen has catered to over 1,000 clients. This year Nushka Kitchen is looking to close at Rs 2 crore and Viral says that they are on track to achieve that target.

Credits: The Better India

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