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 Nowadays it has been seen that maximum women and young girls are facing many health issues. And day by day the number of common diseases in women is increasing like cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), osteoporosis, and depression, and also thyroid, diabetes, hypertension too. Because of all of these diseases, they have to suffer a lot not only physically but also mentally as well and this creates lots of tension and problems in their professional as well as personal life. 

So the question arises what is the reason behind this increased rate of disease in women and what are the precautions and ways to overcome all of these?

If talking about what is the reason behind these diseases like PCOS, Thyroid, weight gain, complicated pregnancy and so many other diseases then the blame could be given to the hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system while cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis are caused by irregularities and proper time of food habits and also because of improper time table of daily life routines like not following proper sleeping habit, daily exercise, meditation, and self-care, etc, these all are the reasons behind the increasing rate of these types of diseases.

Whereas if we don’t take action against it then maybe it sounds alarming and may also cause lots of problems regarding health in the future. Therefore the most important question arose, what are the habits we should adopt, and what we should avoid doing to stay healthy? So here are some of the tips and pointers that what are the good habit which we should adopt in our daily life routine, which will help us to overcome all these problems and as well helps to stay healthy; First of all we should avoid and stop eating unhealthy and junk foods which are not good for our health, and we should also adopt the habit of drinking pure and clean plenty of water which also help us to stay healthy, and the most important which we should include in our daily life routine is daily exercise and yoga, apart from this we also need adequate sleeping hours which is important for our mental health too.

Yoga and daily exercise are the best options to adopt in our daily life routine especially for women nowadays, they help our body and mind to get relax and also our mind get clear and feel fresh and we also get back our peace of mind. Regular practice helps women maintain better physical and mental health, energy levels, and self-esteem. It can also help with several medical conditions.

Here are some of the points explain that how yoga helps us to overcome our health issues: 

1)It helps in decreasing the stress level.

2)It helps to control lower blood pressure, and cholesterol and also decreases the fear and risk of heart disease.

3)It also helps in the management of joint and back pain which may occur due to arthritis, and carpal passage disorder.

4)It also helps to control depression issues naturally.

5)It helps deal with PMS and all its symptoms, be it insomnia, irritability, discomfort, depression, or headaches.

6)It boosts metabolism, helps manage weight better, tones the body, and improves the sleep cycle.

7)Research has shown that women who habitually practice yoga tend to have better sex lives.

8)Women who practice yoga during or after breast cancer treatment experience less pain and discomfort.

9)Regular yoga massages the internal organs and improves the immune system and the body’s ability to prevent and fight diseases.

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