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Neetu Kashiramka has assumed the role of Managing Director and CFO at VIP Industries Ltd, one of Asia’s leading luggage manufacturers.

Here are four key facts about this dynamic female corporate leader:

1. Family Background: Kashiramka grew up in a Marwari family where she experienced a stark contrast in the treatment of male and female children. Despite societal pressures and biased attitudes, her parents always encouraged her to make her own life choices, fostering her sense of independence.

2. Marriage: When the time came for Neetu Kashiramka to consider marriage, she faced a common condition imposed by prospective suitors: they preferred wives who did not work. However, Kashiramka was determined not to let go of her education and career aspirations. She took the bold step of finding her future husband’s phone number in the Yellow Pages and expressed her intention to continue working after marriage. He respected her honesty, and their marriage flourished with mutual support.

3. Career Journey: In 1997, after earning her Chartered Accountant certification, Kashiramka began her career as an assistant manager in the accounts department at Kewal Kiran Clothing. Her dedication and hard work eventually led her to Jyothy Laboratories, where she spent over 17 years honing her skills. Later, she joined Greaves Cotton before embarking on her journey at VIP Industries.

4. Awards & Achievements: Neetu Kashiramka’s remarkable leadership was acknowledged in 2008 when she received the CA Young Corporate Leader Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This recognition stemmed from her pivotal role in spearheading an IPO at the age of 32. Additionally, she actively participates as a guest speaker and panelist in various professional forums, sharing insights on modern finance functions, the evolving role of CFOs in today’s business landscape, women’s empowerment, and more.

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