Now India has health insurance policies for same-sex live-in partners


Future Generali health insurance plans now will cover same-sex live-in partners. The LGBTQIA+ community in India generally struggles to find a health insurance policy that covers live-in or same-sex partners. As a concern for it, the Generali health insurance redefined ‘family’ in their insurance policies by adding live-in partners and same-sex couples.

It is considered the right choice as an insurance policy due for several reasons, it will provide complete healthcare protection that includes Mental healthcare requirements and also aids mental Wellness, Physical illness High Sum insured, discount on the policy, flexible premium payments, restoration of the sum insured, family discount, long-term discount, and tax benefit.

It has other health insurance plans also in it, such as ‘FG Health Total’ which covers complete health coverage for the family It not only covers medical expenses but also offers discount tax benefits and Co-payment options, ‘Health Absoulte’ as they understand how precious family life is so they cover up to 15 members of the family, ‘Future Health Suraksha’ getting hospitalized is always an expensive affair with its policy can access the medical care needed without compromising for it, ‘Health Super Saver’ one of its kind of health insurance products when buying the policy get a chance to unlock a Super Saver discount, ‘Future Advantage Top-Up Insurance’ is a deductible health insurance plan with a high sum of insured option to provide extra coverage at a low premium as compared to any traditional health insurance plan.

Ruchi, Staff Reporter

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