Pip Hare seeks sponsorship for women sailing in Vendée Globe


Pip Hare, a trailblazing figure in sailing as one of the few female CEOs of an international yacht race team and the 8th woman to complete the grueling Vendée Globe Race, exemplifies the rising prominence of women in the sport. Her determination to compete in the 2024 Vendée Globe underscores her unwavering commitment to breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated domain.

Image credit :Pip Hare Ocean Racing

Despite her formidable track record and undeniable talent, Pip Hare faces a daunting challenge in securing sponsorship for her campaign. The financial strain on her Medallia campaign looms large, with her team’s second-tier sponsors stepping back due to global economic factors. In the face of this setback, Pip is tirelessly seeking new partnerships to sustain her dream of competing at the highest level.

In a candid statement shared on social media, Pip acknowledges the stark reality of her predicament. With just 30 weeks remaining until the start of the Vendée Globe Race, the urgency to secure funding has never been more pressing. The potential for new sponsors to capitalize on the commercial value of her campaign is immense, offering a compelling opportunity for mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Vendée Globe, a grueling 24,000-mile solo singlehanded race around the world, presents one of the ultimate challenges in offshore racing. While top teams typically command budgets of around 20 million Euros in the lead-up to the race, Pip’s financial resources are more modest. Yet, crucial tasks such as replacing the bearings in the canting keel necessitate substantial funding, underscoring the importance of securing sponsorship support.

As Pip Hare continues her quest for sponsorship, her unwavering determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to aspiring female sailors and changemakers alike. In her pursuit of excellence on the high seas, she embodies the spirit of perseverance and innovation, demonstrating the transformative power of passion and purpose in overcoming formidable obstacles.

Re-reported the article originally published in Sailing today.

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