Prayaana Biz Woman – Here is the story of Techie Trainer to Fitness Trainer – Sreelakshmi


Ms. Sreelakshmi Suresh, a member of the Prayaana Biz Woman community, has embarked on a journey to improve the spiritual well-being of people around the world with her therapy-based online Yoga platform ‘I to WE’ Yoga. 

The online yoga sessions of ‘I to WE’ Yoga catalyze powerful transformational change to mind and body. Strictly adhere to yogic principles and basic yoga postures, as therapeutic means of usage to facilitate growth and healing. ‘I to WE’ is designed to help out everyone spiritually as well as mentally and aids everyone to the best of capability.

 Sreelakshmi describes her story as an Engineer’s journey from the world of technology back to the spiritual essence of Yoga. She was working as an Asst Professor in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Adishankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, Cochin and was The Head of Adishankara International Centre for Peace & Yoga. During this time, she published two major Yoga courses entitled –‘Yoga for Immunity’ & ‘Yoga for Beauty & Health’ in association with Adishankara Digital Academy. She dedicated herself to the yogic practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits after came across Shri Rajendra Damodara Yenkannamoole-Founder of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga. Later, she took Yogic Science seriously and completed her Yoga studies from SVYASA Yoga University, Bangalore and obtained an International Yoga License. 

Back in Sept 2021, she resigned from the technical background and launched her own digital platform ‘I TO WE’ Yoga. During this time, she heard about PRAYAANA from one of her friends and became a member of Prayaana Biz Woman Community. Their yoga practice includes design of integrated yoga formats from beginner to advanced level, process & implementation of yogic patterns for various lifestyle diseases, mentoring of beginner practitioners on their yoga path, promotion of holistic wellbeing through teaching and consultation, service to various categories to develop their body and mind awareness among others. Prayaana is an organisation which works for empowering women around the world and always promotes women entrepreneurs. Therefore, Prayaana has provided a platform to ‘I TO WE’ Yoga and is helping Sreelakshmi to reach more clients globally. Their clients vary from different locations all over the world. Such as the UAE, QATAR, Singapore, Edison, New Jersey, Belize, India among other countries. 



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