Suneera Madhani: The innovator


She is the innovator of a subscription-based credit-card payment processing system but when she informed her bosses about it, the reaction she got was not alright. They just laughed it out.

Due to such reactions from her bosses, she quit that job. In the year 2014, she founded her company with her brother, Sal Rehmettulah. The name of the company is FATT which stands for “fast, affordable transaction technology”. Now it is Stax. Having over 12,000 users on the platform, 130 plus employees, processing $9 billion payments, the company grabbed an enormous success.

In the year 2020, Madhani was also named to Fortune’s 40 under 40 list in the category of finance and fintech. She also has her podcast through which she aims to help female founders cross $1 million in revenue. She was also recognized as the Most Influential Women in Payments by 2018 by PaymentsSource which is an industry publication for financial service professionals. She was even a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, which was in Florida. 

Stax is now one of the top fastest-growing companies in America. She is a technology innovator as well as a visionary leader. She didn’t get discouraged by the laughing of people or people who were superior to her. She has set a good powerful example in front of us proving that if you decide to start something, to achieve something, you should just have believed in yourself and get started with the work. Leaving the bad company of people was also a right choice. In our life, we also should make good decisions as she did. Nothing is impossible. It is all about your mindset, throughout history, man has achieved all things which seemed impossible at the first glance. Let’s have the right attitude, mindset. 

Written By- Pranali Mahindrakar

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