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PRACOL – a Prayaana Collective, is India’s first women empowerment driven e-commerce platform. This platform helps women to take their small businesses to a national level. Established in 2017, the main objective behind Prayaana Labs was to empower and upskill women from different parts of the country. Through Pracol the organisation provides women entrepreneurs with a bigger platform and a lifelong networking opportunity with like-minded women as well. 

Women entrepreneurs AKA the Prayojikas of Pracol have a variety of brands ranging from fashion, food, jewelry across the platform and with the help of Pracol they have successfully taken their businesses to the next level.

Gayathri Sundar is one of the Prayojikas of Pracol who started her business “Smartika Home Essentials” back in 2014. This is a home based entrepreneurship venture run by a team of motivated women with a common goal of revitalizing traditional food products in this fast-paced smart world. They started the business by sharing cold pressed oils, ghee, and masalas with their neighbors and close friends. Later through social media, they got a better reach to customers who were looking out for quality home style supplements. 

Gayathri got to know about Pracol through a friend’s reference. Here at Pracol they sell high quality homemade masalas, podis, cold pressed oils, ghee, beauty products and Mango Zing among others. Pracol has given them a platform to reach a greater customer and today they have 10,000+ customers. Moreover, through Pracol Gayathri also got the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs like herself. Smartika Home Essentials employees are 90 percent women as they believe women should not depend on anyone and be financially empowered herself. 

Head Office: Salem, Branch Office: Chennai, 9710423316 / 9790731429

  • Mohor Bhattacharjee 

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