Know how a teacher has changed her challenges to opportunities and emerged to a successful entrepreneur


Meet Dr. Krupa Aby who has achieved multiple degrees in various streams and became a successful entrepreneur. 

Prayaana Labs, a wonderful career support group, helps women entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people and grow their businesses through networking, social media marketing and even mentoring.  During this special month for women, we proudly showcase our wonder women here. Dr. Krupa Aby is one such entrepreneur who Prayaana has been supporting to evolve into a different level. 

Krupa Aby started her business Fashion@Home, an online clothing store, in 2010. She was inspired to try something new and chose to start her own business so that she could pursue her interest while remaining financially independent. While being an Entrepreneur Krupa is also a mom of 3 gorgeous kids and a healthcare quality management professional. As a passionate and self-motivated individual, she achieved her PhD in 2016.

In the same year, along with her friends, Krupa started a boutique, in Sarjapur, Bengaluru. The name of the boutique was Curvy Queen Design Studio, where they sold an affordable range of handpicked fabrics, salwar materials, Kurtis, stoles and home linen. They also had a food delivery venture where they wanted to provide authentic, hygienic, and healthy homemade food items to the people in their neighborhood.

Krupa also started a training center- “Budding Star Academy”, for women and kids, where she wanted to provide a platform for all to develop their hidden talents and skills. She ran this training center alone. The academy began with a Bharatanatyam session with only two students. But since then, the academy has gradually grown, and they now provide a variety of courses, in Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Bharatanatyam, Hip Hop, Bollyhop, Carnatic Vocal, Western Vocal, Yoga, and Zumba. In 2018, Krupa began working in a hospital and left her first two businesses and started running the academy only. At her academy, she had around 100 students enrolled in various courses. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, she was forced to suspend all physical classes and replace them with online classes. Now the academy’s services are available to both Indian and international students. They provide both individual and group lessons where students can learn from experts at their own pace at a reasonable price. At Budding Star Academy, she aims at the students to master the art and gain  the confidence that comes in knowing that they have a skill or talent that will help them flourish and shine bright like a “Star”.

Recently, she completed MBA in start-up and SME management and Healthcare Management from Bangalore University. Today we are proud to have such a wonder woman among us who integrates her experiences into academic and entrepreneurial journeys.

Through the help of Prayaana, Krupa Aby has been able to excel at her business. She is a regular attendee of our Coffee chats, meets like-minded people, and has her business marketed on a larger platform. She is a strong follower of the only person between you and your dreams is “You”. She always says, ‘Be inspired. Be motivated. Be unstoppable!!!

-Staff Reporter

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