Releasing the inner child

“I am a bundle of Joy.

I can easily try new things and do it with utter perfection.

I am beautiful.

I am worthy of love.

I am full of knowledge.

I am always happy until you try to make me unhappy.

I am confident can easily seek your attention.

I have an abundance of everything.

Whatever I ask for is always granted.

And whatever is denied I don’t need it.

I can easily forget and forgive.”


As a child, we all believed in it. We never question our beliefs until we get influenced by other people or situations in our lives. Some people knowingly or unknowingly pass on their projections to us and we absorb it. This leads to the deterioration of our hidden innate values. The moment we start working on the IF-THEN model for our happiness and we give the key to our happiness in someone else’s hands for example, if I get the job then I will be happy, if the girl accepts my proposal, then I am worthy of love, if I get a promotion only then, I feel confident in self-worth. Now we have fallen into the trap.

I am trying to share an amazing way to come out of these deadly traps. What I think is our children can be our best role models who can teach us how to easily come out of these and then understand how to quickly feel at home within their pure divine souls. Just being present in NOW and reminding ourselves of our true values without the IF-THEN model solves everything.

I am a mother to an adolescent daughter always filled with ever-changing emotions and exactly half of her age is super sensitive. This creates a killer atmosphere inside my house. My kids are most of the time bubbling with joy, busy in their activities, playing together or fighting with each other and in a minute just settling everything just for a Maggie or a slice of cake.

Whenever I feel that I got some thoughts which are contracting in nature, negative or of scarcity mindset. I observe my children and start thinking how they would have behaved in this situation. Boom. I always get my correct answer. We all as children have these skills of experimenting with new things, a selfless desire to share our unique talents, feel confident enough to share our wisdom, failing but not feeling disheartened, being persistent, creative enough to know how to get our things done, and seek support from even the toughest member of the family, loving our self and smiling without any condition or seeing others smile. We selfimpose restrictions and give the keys to our happiness in someone else’s pockets. We were born to trust the universe and people around us and also to forgive within seconds what was denied to us and also accept the way we were born. Whenever we are struck, we just need to remind ourselves and move forward with the same childlike confidence.

The affirmation which I use to raise save myself while observing my children is as follows:

I fully accept that parenting is about raising myself, not my child.

I realize that the onus for change lies solely with me, not my child.

I am aware that my struggles are reflection of my inner conflicts.

I will transform each challenge into a question that asks, “What does this say about me?”



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