The Benefits Of Cardamom & Okra

The queen of spices cardamom is a great aid to fight hair loss. Including cardamom in your daily diet aids in strengthening of hair roots. An easy way to include cardamom is to grind and mix , 2 pieces of this spice in a glass of milk and consume it boiled before bed time. Bonus-better sleep along with stronger hair.

Here is a wonderful homemade face pack with Okra. Okra is extremely good for your skin, hair, nails and eyes. It is a store house of vitamin c that boosts collagen and delayed aging. Cut 5 fresh Okras and boil in 1 cup of water, after 10mins strain and blend it nicely with 1 tea spoon of yoghurt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply on your face and neck. Leave the pack for 15mins and rinse it off. Try this pack for once in a week for better result. Okra strained water can also be used as a hair gel. Strain & blend it nicely with half tea spoon olive oil and vitamin E oil. Apply this gel on your washed hair for shiny and healthy looking hair.




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