Dr. Preethi Sudha  V.B  is a scientist who dared to something out of the ordinary. It was not just a coincidence that her  subject of interest  neutraceuticals  and the her love for the rich and ancient wisdom of her country  were not just went as  parallels but  got synergised to form –an elixir of life . First  she laid her hands,  on the auspicious turmeric ; Turmeric has been revered for its healing properties and is widely known for its richness in natural curcuminoids ( phyto nutrients )  and for its  antibacterial, and antitoxic  qualities as well . Tulsi or holy basil , is considered as the most sacred plant in India and each leaves of this auspicious plant is impregnant with mantras of pure living .  She combines turmeric powder ,  tulsi  and black pepper – which is  also knows as black gold into a ‘food  medicine “ . This, if taken daily will surely boost the immunity of our body and will definitely do greater  good  for the  blood and liver functions . The turmeric she uses is fresh and not a ‘spent one ‘– after all  this is her commitment to the mother Earth and to her consciousness as well.  The next in the queue was drumstick , yes the same humble drumstick which  grows in our kitchen back  or wherever the nature permits ,  the one that find its  way to our daily cuisine  in  one or other form. The drumstick leaves always allowed the rural India to stay healthy and nourished and the modern medicine also  recommends a daily intake of drumstick leaves for an improved eyesight and a healthy body. She combined drumstick leaves and tulsi leaves for a healthy concoction, that can be taken instead of  teal or coffee. Preethi , as an entrepreneur has miles to go . Her vision of staying connected with nature , and supporting  the farmers  – the food bringers of the society  and fulfilling the public demand by providing unadulterated products have started taking wings.  She owns a well equipped factory with  machines of latest technology  to extract, and to powder various herbs and plants She is an active member of Prayaana Bangalore and is working towards building the Bangalore Prayaana Hub in the coming days. Team Prayaana wishes her more success and more new feathers on her cap .

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